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Lord of the Rings Online Objects - T

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TableBridgefields, Budgeford, Shire
Tag BeaconBree-Land, Horsefields
Tal Caradhras CampsiteEregion
Talain BangadLothlórien
Talain GaladrimLothlórien
Talain GlorellothLothlórien
Talain MelthinLothlórien
Talain NeduilLothlórien
Talan AtharchenLothlórien
Talan BrethilLothlórien
Talan DolinhenLothlórien
Talan FanuidholLothlórien
Talan GwilithLothlórien
Talan HaldirLothlórien
Talan MallelasLothlórien
Talan OrthelianLothlórien
Talan RevailLothlórien
Talan TirithLothlórien
Talath OndrenEred Luin
Tapped MapleBald Hill, Bree-Land
Tar StazgEregion, Tar Stazg
Tattered PackBree-Fields, Bree-Land
Tattered White Hand BannerBarad Morlas, Eregion
Telain NeduilLothlórien
Tham AndalathEvendim, Tham Andalath
Tham GelairEred Luin
Tham HabadEvendim
Tham LornNorth Downs
Tham NambarthEvendim
Tham OrnenEvendim, Tham Ornen
Tham VaranEvendim
ThandobelLone Land
Thauk Wanted PosterEvendim, Ost Forod
The Ancient TomeKatub-zahar, The Great Delving
The Barrow of OrronBree-Land, Orron's Barrow
The Barrow of RingdorBree-Land, Ringdor's Barrow
The Barrow of TaradanBree-Land, Northern Barrow-Downs
The Bat CaveDurin's Way
The Bitter StairMisty Mountains, The Bitter Stair
The Black PoolThe Walls of Moria
The BrackwaterThe Walls of Moria
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (East Arch)Nud-melek
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (West Arch)Nud-melek
The Bridge ShardThe Foundations of Stone, The Bridge Shard
The Broken CleftZirakzigil
The Broken FloorSilvertine Lodes
The Brother's ChestLone Land, Garth Agarwen
The Carver's StashZelem-melek
The Chamber of Dark WatersThe Chambers of Dark Waters, The Waterworks
The Chamber of LeadershipZelem-melek
The Chamber of MemoryThe Chamber of Memory, The Waterworks
The Chamber of the CrossroadsDurin's Way
The Chamber of the PoolThe Chamber of the Pool, The Walls of Moria
The Chamber of WisdomThe Great Delving
The Chittering HoleZelem-melek
The Company's PavillionLothlórien
The Corpse of NykrSilvertine Lodes
The Deep CrossroadNud-melek
The Door to the CloudsDurin's Way
The Drowned DeepThe Waterworks
The DuskencleftEvendim
The Dwarf-lord's GateThe Great Delving
The Eave-MereEvendim, The Eave-Mere
The EavespiresEvendim
The Elder CircleLothlórien
The Endless StairThe Foundations of Stone
The Even-RillsEvendim, The Even-Rills
The Fanged PitDurin's Way
The Fifth GearEred Luin
The First HallNud-melek
The First HallNud-melek
The First MonumentAngmar, Imlad Balchorth
The Fourth GearEred Luin, Kheledul
The Garden of MemoryLothlórien
The Glass-HallDurin's Way
The Gloaming FallsEvendim, The Gloaming Falls
The GrangeShire, The Grange
The Great WillowShire, Tookland
The Hidden OverlookThe Great Delving
The Hideout EntranceBree-Land
The House of CelebornLothlórien
The Hunt Continues MarkerEvendim
The IronspanForochel
The Lonely SpanZelem-melek
The Lonesome StonesForochel, The Lonesome Stones
The LornspanLone Land, The Lornspan
The Lost PalaceThe Waterworks
The NestsDurin's Way
The Northern OverlookThe Great Delving
The Ore-houseRedhorn Lodes
The Palace of NainThe Great Delving
The Peaceful GladeLothlórien
The QuarryShire
The Quiet GardenLothlórien
The Ring of MelbrehilLothlórien
The Second GearEred Luin, Vale of Thrain
The Second MonumentAngmar, Imlad Balchorth
The Southern OverlookThe Great Delving
The Stone CouncilThe Great Delving
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