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Lord of the Rings Online The Garden of Memory

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NameThe Garden of Memory
LocationS 13.5, W 66.1
Found in Zones


Incorrect information <2009-03-27 02:23:58>
Guest <Guest>These are incorrect. The correct coordinates are 15.3S, 66.0W

Correct Cords <2009-03-30 23:53:17>
THeodhelm <Guest>13.9S 65.5W

<2009-05-13 16:20:32>
Kalessin <Guest>13.9S, 65.5W for The Garden of Memory is correct. Guest may be thinking of Galadriel&#039;s Garden, which is at 15.3S, 66.0W.

Exact Coords <2009-05-23 20:26:55>
Ichibod <Guest>13.5W, 66.1W is The Garden of Memory

<2009-09-21 01:56:44>
Player <Guest>All of you are wrong, the EXACT coordinates are 13.6 south, 65.8 west. Also, it is NOT inside Caras Galadnon, it is on the outside edge of the towns protective barrier.

Coords <2009-09-28 00:23:00>
quest player <Guest>I am standing in the garden now. 13.5S 66.0W. It is outside Caras Galadhon along the edge, at about a 1:00 position if CG were a clock.

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