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Lord of the Rings Online Objects - W

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Walking TreeBindbole Wood, Shire
Warding RuneThe Foundations of Stone
Watchful Glance Scout LocationThe Great Delving
Water SpotThe Waterworks
WeatherfootLone Land, Weatherfoot
WeathertopLone Land, Weathertop
Weaver's DenBree-Land, Old Forest
WellInstance: The Assault on Archet
Well BottomDurin's Way, The Chamber of the Crossroads
West Gate KeyNorth Downs
West Halls Map 4Menem-berej, Silvertine Lodes
What Was Lost CairnEred Luin
White Hart CorpseTrollshaws
WhitshardsEvendim, Whitshards
Wil WhealteyArchet
Wild BeehiveShire, Tookland
Wild MushroomBree-Land, Buckland
WildflowersBree-Land, Yellow Tree
Winter Fir BranchEred Luin
WinterheightThorin's Gate
Witch-King AltarAngmar, Bail Dilas
Woad PlantGreenway, North Downs, Nan Amlug East, Annunlos, Lone Land
Wolf DenShire
Wolf Food SourceBlackwold Headquarters, Bree-Land
Woman's QuartersZelem-melek
Wood-PileBree-Land, Old Forest
Wooden ChestNan Wathren, North Downs
Woodsedge RuinsBree-Land
Work-GlovesElrond's Stables, Rivendell
WorkbenchBindbole Wood, Brockenborings, Celondim, North Downs, Rivendell, Shire, Trestlebridge, Bree-Town, Bree-Land, Combe, Bywater, Ered Luin, Duillond
WrithenboresMisty Mountains