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Lord of the Rings Online Objects: Zone - Annunlos

Ash BranchesAnnunlos, Bree-Fields, Greenfields, Greenway, Kingsfell, Lone Land, North Downs, Rath Teraig, Shire, Annundir
Barrow Iron DepositAndrath, Bree-Fields, Bree-Land, Greenfields, Greenway, Lone Land, North Downs, Shire, Northern Barrow-Downs, Annunlos, Annundir
BlueberriesBruinen Gorges, Trollshaws, Annunlos, Lone Land, Greenway, North Downs
Goblin Food-BarrelAnnunlos, Lone Land, Weatherfoot
Green OnionsAnnunlos, Lone Land, North Downs, Greenway, Weather Hills
MailboxAnnunlos, Bree-Land, Bree-Town, Combe, Hobbiton-Bywater, Lone Land, Shire, Bywater, Ered Luin, Thorin's Hall, Ost Guruth, Thorenhad, Trollshaws, North Downs, Trestlebridge, Angmar, Aughaire, Rivendell, Spire of Meeting, Market of Rivendell, Esteldin, Forochel
RaspberriesBree-Land, Bruinen Gorges, East-West Road, Lone Land, Trollshaws, Annunlos, Weather Hills, Nan Amlug West, North Downs, Greenway
RhubarbBree-Fields, Bree-Land, Old Muddyfoot's Hill, Annunlos, Lone Land
Silver DepositAnnunlos, Bree-Fields, Bree-Land, Greenfields, Lone Land, Shire, Creaking Vale, The Brandywood, Annundir, North Downs, Kingsfell, Greenfields
Woad PlantGreenway, North Downs, Nan Amlug East, Annunlos, Lone Land