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Lord of the Rings Online Objects: Zone - Greenfields

Ash BranchesAnnunlos, Bree-Fields, Greenfields, Greenway, Kingsfell, Lone Land, North Downs, Rath Teraig, Shire, Annundir
Barrow Iron DepositAndrath, Bree-Fields, Bree-Land, Greenfields, Greenway, Lone Land, North Downs, Shire, Northern Barrow-Downs, Annunlos, Annundir
Bullroarer's Brew TankardGreenfields, Shire
Golden Shire TatersGreenfields, Shire
HoneyGreenfields, Meluinen, North Downs, Shire, Annundir
Prunella's UmbrellaGreenfields, Shire
Silver DepositAnnunlos, Bree-Fields, Bree-Land, Greenfields, Lone Land, Shire, Creaking Vale, The Brandywood, Annundir, North Downs, Kingsfell, Greenfields
Yarrow RootBree-Fields, Bree-Land, Greenfields, Shire, Nen Harn