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Lord of the Rings Online Objects: Zone - Misty Mountains

AkultotMisty Mountains
Ancient Dwarf-chestHalmur Stoneshaper's House, Misty Mountains
Ancient Iron DepositBruinen Source West, Misty Mountains, Ettenmoors, Isendeep, Angmar, Forochel, Korkea-Jarvi, Sarnur
Ancient Silver DepositBruinen Source West, Misty Mountains, Angmar, Sarnur
Ancient VaseGabilazan, Misty Mountains, Angmar, Imlad Balchorth
Black Ash BranchesBruinen Source West, Misty Mountains, Ettenmoors, Steps of Gram
Black Ash HeartwoodMisty Mountains, Angmar
Black CrackMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
Burning CauldronMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
Caldwell PoolMisty Mountains
CampfireShire, Overhill, Misty Mountains, Waymeet, Beggar's Alley, Bree-Town
Ceber LosMisty Mountains, Southern High Pass
Cirith DaurMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
Damaged Dwarf-ChestBruinen Source West, Misty Mountains
DomstollMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
Erforgh CleftMisty Mountains, Southern High Pass
Gabilazan CornerstoneGabilazan Vault, Misty Mountains
Gauradan BasketMisty Mountains
Giant's TableMisty Mountains
Gloin's CampGloin's Camp, Misty Mountains
Glorwen's BowMisty Mountains
Goblin Fire-PotMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
Goblin TabardGoblin-Town, Misty Mountains
HrimbargMisty Mountains
Iskeld's LookoutMisty Mountains
Keystone VaultIskeld's Lookout, Misty Mountains
LornstoneMisty Mountains
Main Gate Into Goblin-TownMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
MilestoneBree-Town, Bree-Land, Archet, Combe, Hobbiton-Bywater, Shire, Ered Luin, Thorin's Hall, Trollshaws, Thorenhad, North Downs, Trestlebridge, Angmar, Aughaire, Gloin's Camp, Misty Mountains, Esteldin
NorthtarnMisty Mountains, Southern High Pass
Oakheart's BushMisty Mountains
Orod LadenMisty Mountains
Platinum DepositEttenmoors, Hoardale, Isendeep, Bruinen Source West, Misty Mountains, Angmar, Evendim, Northern Emyn Uial, Southern Emyn Uial
Rich Ancient Iron DepositMisty Mountains, Angmar, Sarnur
Sign of GlorwenMisty Mountains
Sign Post (Dwarves)High Crags, Misty Mountains
Sign Post (Giants)Misty Mountains, Rakhas-Bizar
Signpost (Bitter Stair)Misty Mountains, The Bitter Stair
SnowdriftBruinen Source West, Misty Mountains
StarkhathMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
Supply CrateBlackwold Headquarters, Bree-Land, Chetwood, Lone Land, Minas Eriol, Bleakrift, North Downs, Thurum, Ost Galumar, Misty Mountains, Gabilazan, Norbury Gates
The Bitter StairMisty Mountains, The Bitter Stair
Thorkell's AxeMisty Mountains, Writhenbores
Thorkell's HelmMisty Mountains, Writhenbores
Totem of ChallengeMisty Mountains
WrithenboresMisty Mountains