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Lord of the Rings Online A Gleam in the Gloom

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NameA Gleam in the Gloom
TypeMoria Central Halls
Starts at NPCDarri
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Starts in Zones
Coin Rewarded25s, 20c
  • Investigate the Mirrors
  • Background'Greetings, friend (your race). I am Darri, and I hail from the Lonely Mountain. It is hard to believe we are truly treading the ancient paths of Khazad-dûm, is it not? It is enough to kindle a flame in the heart of even the stoniest dwarf.

    'The Mines are full of mysteries, and I am intrigued by this one: look at this! A strange mirror, is it not? And look here, at these decorative bits; no dwarf carved this, or I am an Orc! And yet other parts are clearly of dwarf-make, and of the most superior craftsmanship such as the ancients practised. I have a theory about this mirror, but it will require investigation.

    'If you're up for it, you could go look for more of these mirrors in this area. If you can find five unbroken ones, we may have something exciting at hand.'
    DescriptionDarri, a talented craftsman, has found a strange mirror, and would like you to help him investigate its history.,
    TIP: The Mirrors are at:

    1st Mirror: 8.0S, 111.9W
    2nd Mirror: 7.0S, 112.1W
    3rd Mirror: 6.8S, 112.8W
    4th Mirror: 8.1S, 111.0W
    5th Mirror: 7.2S, 111.2W

    TIP: For the third mirror: Go out the north west side. Keep going northwest to the platform with stairs on the North, West and South side. Go down the West side (avoiding the drop on the left!). Walk into the long hallway. Run North for a few seconds until you get to the first set of stairs on the right. Go up the stairs, fight a few bugs and to back to the back to the mirror.
    Map of The Great Delving Click an Icon to Link


    3rd Mirror <2008-11-22 23:54:27>
    Espresso <Guest>6.8, 112.8

    Locations <2008-11-24 02:33:30>
    MMO_Rise <Guest>1st Mirror: 8.0S, 111.9W - 2nd Mirror: 7.0S, 112.1W - 3rd Mirror: 6.8S, 112.8W - 4th Mirror: 8.1S, 111.0W - 5th Mirror: 7.2S, 111.2W

    5 mirror <2008-11-24 02:33:30>
    Indalrir <Guest>7.2S, 111.2W

    <2008-11-24 02:33:30>
    <Guest>1st Mirror 8.0S, 111.9W

    4th mirror <2008-11-24 02:33:30>
    Telladan <Guest>4th mirror: 8.1S, 111.0W

    <2008-12-02 00:27:57>
    Aphadrim <Guest>Please make a map mate

    <2008-12-04 23:28:59>
    ela <Guest>an map would be very helpful, I did manage to find them all though just using the coords.

    First Mirror <2008-12-06 01:37:08>
    Coltsfoot <Guest>I have visited the remains of the mirror at 8.0s, 111.9w, and it does not count as the first mirror for me.......

    <2008-12-11 23:10:50>
    <Guest>the coords are right for the first mirror, you might be at the right loc but the wrong height

    <2009-06-06 17:38:38>
    Diepen <Guest>That&#039;s really the issue, a lot of Moria quest descriptions here aren&#039;t very useful when you don&#039;t know the elevation, or how to get to higher or lower elevations in an area.

    <2009-09-27 00:38:07>
    Wanakt <Guest>the so called third mirror is near the beginning of the dwarf halls behind the room (up the stairs) with all the giant roaches.

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