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Lord of the Rings Online A Howling in the Hills

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NameA Howling in the Hills
Starts at NPCRobin Dunkley
Starts in Zones
Related MobsNat Rapkins
Coin Rewarded19s, 95c
  • Find Nat Rapkins
  • Bring Nat Rapkins's pack to Robin Dunkley
  • BackgroundNat Rapkins crossed the Even-rills at the northern tip of the lake, north-west of Ost Forod, and never returned. Robin Dunkley wants you to search along the edge of the lake near the Even-rills for the missing hunter. Robin Dunkley heard a dreadful howling along the shore at night and is worried that Nat Rapkins might have fallen to some evil beast. He wants you to try and find the lost hunter.
    DescriptionTIP: Nat is at S 4.0, W 69.7 (west side of the Even-Rills). .
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    Nate Loc <2007-06-20 04:50:09>
    JoebarNate is at 4.0S 69.7W (west side of the Even-Rills)

    Good Location <2007-09-13 02:50:31>
    MacdoogleLocation is Good, when you find Nat and complete the quest you get rushed by 3 Guaradains, if your solo you can run due south and they will not pursue if you stay and fight you will also get ambushed by a couple of wolves, at least i did...good luck

    <2007-11-19 04:21:22>
    Koullio <Guest>Nat Rapkins is not "mob to kill" it's more like "npc to speak to"

    <2008-02-19 01:49:22>
    Talavard <Guest>If you are a burglar as soon as you talk to Nat Rapkins stealth, the Guaradains will run around you a few times and then leave.

    <2008-06-02 13:59:02>
    Yutani <Guest>Nothing attacked me after talking to Nat, seems like they changed it in bk13

    <2008-06-03 22:31:08>
    Guyonne <Guest>They still attack post bk 13, it does take them a few seconds to spawn and then get to you. Just run south after you talk to him.

    help <2008-08-01 03:06:49>
    bluespirit <Guest>if u are a hunter port to saftey after u talk to him

    <2008-08-04 04:16:25>
    Reiluil <Guest>If you simply move out of their aggro range, they won't even see you to follow you.

    <2008-09-07 02:32:47>
    flandar <Guest>or i found a faster way... as soon as you talk to him jump off the cliff and you die, and the quest does not reset so all you have to do is take the pack to that guy whats his name...

    <2008-10-03 07:17:48>
    <Guest>nothing attacked me, or maybe i just ran away before they came. not sure, but easy quest for me.

    <2008-10-26 04:13:07>
    <Guest>if ur elven hunter and have sylvan shadows do that str8 after u speak to him easiest quest ive ever done

    aa <2009-01-28 03:37:17>
    Pataassa12 <Guest>Just jump to water when you have speaken with him

    Today <2009-03-29 05:17:08>
    VaupellDid it today, no attacks or anything.

    <2009-04-09 04:29:59>
    Diepen <Guest>Funniest npc name ever :) Nat Rapkins..."Rat Napkins"

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