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Lord of the Rings Online Against the Stone-foe

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NameAgainst the Stone-foe
Starts at NPCGelbes
Starts in Zones
Background'Take heart! The battle here is ours, and though the foe has breached the walls of Lugazag, we may yet hold back their tide. Listen well, for I have an offer that you must consider strongly, (your race).

'You are a proven warrior, a hero amongst the Free Peoples, and we ask this only of those who are willing. Lainedhel asked for assistance from the Rangers, and we have come to offer our aid. We have duties that need looking after elsewhere in Eriador, and if you are willing to stand there in our stead, we will remain here to fight the foes from the North.

'Think on this and speak to me when you have an answer to my request. I will wait here, friend.'
DescriptionRangers have come to the Ettenmoors to stand against the trolls sent from Angmar. They seek assistance with their patrols from the heroes of the Free Peoples.


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