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Lord of the Rings Online Agarochir, Keeper of Tirband

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NameAgarochir, Keeper of Tirband
Starts at NPCEirieniel
Starts in Zones
Related MobsAgarochir
Occurs in Zones
  • Tirband
Rewards Items
  • Slay Agarochir, the Keeper of Tirband
  • Background'We have launched many offences to seize control of Tirband, the court beneath the great watchtower on the highest level of the city, but always Agarochir repels us.

    'He is one of Amarthiel's Black Númenóreans, and he is a fearsome sorcerer. If we are to seize control of Tirband, Agarochir must be defeated.

    'If you and your allies can put an end to Agarochir, our fortunes might change for the better; the strategic importance of Tirband cannot be overstated!'
    DescriptionEirieniel has told you of Agarochir, the Black Númenórean that leads the Angmarim who control the court of Tirband.
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