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Lord of the Rings Online Aklash, the Leader of Soldiers

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NameAklash, the Leader of Soldiers
TypeMisty Mountains
Starts at NPCTralli Gemfinder
Starts in Zones
Related MobsAklash
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded39s, 76c
Rewards Items
  • Defeat Aklash
  • Return to Gloin
  • Background'The information you recovered is invaluable, (your name). With it, we now know many of the goblin-leaders holed up in Goblin-town. Master Glóin would like you to find and kill Aklash.

    'Notes on the letter suggest that Aklash is the leader of the Great Goblin's soldiers. It is likely that you will find him in the Great Goblin's throne room.

    'Goblin-town is far to the north-east and the throne room can be found at the end of the long tunnels of Goblin-town. Find him, defeat him, then return to me.'
    DescriptionInformation received from the letters you recovered in Black Speech lead Glóin to offer rewards for the defeat of Aklash, the leader of the Great Goblin's elite soldiers.
    Map of Misty Mountains Click an Icon to Link


    Aklash <2007-11-21 21:06:20>
    Kurufin <Guest>Has anybody find him?

    Aklash <2007-11-22 21:11:37>
    Drac <Guest>Somwtimes he doesn't spawn so go back outside, Disband and regroup until he does :) According to GM the Dev's did this on purpose lol

    tip <2008-03-01 02:58:23>
    the_Hally <Guest>this guy is painful, our fellow went in and out the instance 5 times before he showed up. we had a hunter to track thank goodness. Aklash does a roamin loop in a circle around the top ledges, GL!

    Aklash? <2008-03-24 22:24:51>
    Eresmir <Guest>Where is he?

    <2008-04-27 13:03:00>
    B <Guest>He is in Throne room, near the entrance when you get in. Walking from the up right to up left or from up left to up right, If you can't see him, then healer has taken her spot and you need to go out from throne room and disband and regroup like said earlier.

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