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Lord of the Rings Online All's Well

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NameAll's Well
TypeNorth Downs
Starts at NPCMattie Woodruff
Starts in Zones
Related MobsElsie Woodruff
Occurs in Zones
Rewards Items
  • Speak to Elsie Woodruff in Trestlebridge
  • Background'All right, while Noll here and I put this wheel on the cart, there's one last thing I'd ask you to do. Go back to Elsie in Trestlebridge and tell her that all's well here.

    'Once the cart is fixed, Noll and I are going to take down a couple more trees and then bring our load down to the town. Of course, we couldn't have done that without your help! Thanks for that!

    'Now hurry...won't do to stand around here waiting for Orcs!'
    DescriptionSearching the Orc camp, you were able to find a wheel for Mattie Woodruff's cart. Although the wheel is a bit small, he thinks it should work well enough to get the cart and a load of lumber back to Trestlebridge.
    Map of North Downs Click an Icon to Link


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