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Lord of the Rings Online All's Well That Ends Well

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NameAll's Well That Ends Well
Starts at NPCWillowsong
Related Objects
  • Staddle Town Wells
Starts in Zones
Related MobsLongo Daegmund
Occurs in Zones
Rewards Items
  • Collect the bucket
  • Carry the bucket of pure water to the Staddle town well
  • BackgroundLongo is standing by the well in the town square of Staddle. You did as Willowsong instructed. Tell Longo Daegmund that the well should be safe to drink from again.
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    Bugged? <2007-09-18 06:59:26>
    Marshallstack <Guest>What would cause Longo to NOT be there for the last step of this quest? I purified the well with the bucket that Willowsong gave me, but Longo is not standing next to the well. His dog, Gar, is there, but alone. Longo gone. Need Longo.

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