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Lord of the Rings Online Amber for Othrikar

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NameAmber for Othrikar
Starts at NPCOttar
Related ObjectsAmber Deposit
Starts in Zones
Related MobsJaki Stonehand
Occurs in Zones
  • Find Jaki Stonehand
  • Take the amber deposit
  • Bring the amber deposit to Ottar in Othrikar
  • Talk to Ottar
  • BackgroundOttar is at the centre of Othrikar. Ottar is waiting to speak with you about the fate of Jaki Stonehand's expedition and to thank you for delivering the amber.
    DescriptionNOTE: This quest allows access of the Superior Forges in Thorin's Halls. It is given after you complete The Will of the Iron, Part III.

    TIP: The return back to Ottar is a timed step, so be prepared to run quickly.
    Map of North Downs Click an Icon to Link


    Jaki <2007-05-02 01:20:48>
    Dearal <Guest>where is Jaki??

    Time <2007-05-26 08:53:39>
    <Guest>After you pick up the amber you have ample time to take any direction you wish, just make sure not to aggro any mobs. There is time to walk south around the trees and approach Ottar from the road.

    Jaki can be found here <2007-07-31 16:29:37>
    Screemer <Guest>5.4S, 46.9W

    <2007-09-30 04:53:59>
    Orihiwen <Guest>Soloable at lvl 12, just go long ways round the mobs :p

    <2007-10-21 00:51:29>
    Tombs <Guest>Soloable at 12, but it's a lvl 30 quest, and there's loads of hidden lynx's that'll run your party.

    <2008-03-14 23:11:27>
    larsadan <Guest>or do it at 50 and not worry about a thing

    <2008-05-12 15:51:12>
    Warmaker <Guest>Did it with my Lv21 Guardian / Metalsmith alt. The main thing is to avoid the Dourhand NPCs if you want to avoid combat due to your level. The Lynxes will get angry towards you but will not attack provided you promptly move away from them. So, run in, avoid the Dourhands, talk to Jaki, pick up the Amber, and high tail it back to Othrikar. The timer for carrying the Amber is quite generous, too. I took a wrong turn, found my way back, and still had 3/4 of a timer left.

    Incredibly Easy <2009-07-16 03:10:48>
    Taars Tarkas <Guest>It is so easy. You just walk up, talk, grab ore, run back -- there is nothing to fight at all. It took a total of like 3 mins. You could do this at level 1 if you wanted.

    <2009-08-31 22:37:36>
    Anon <Guest>You have to dodge mobs, of course, so you likely can&#039;t do this at level 1. The birds and Dourhands will aggro, but not the Lynxes if you run away fast enough, like Warmaker says. The hardest part about this quest was not being able to mine all the ore nodes in that area because you&#039;re carrying something with a timer, and the nodes are often guarded.

    Easy <2009-09-05 23:33:19>
    Cegaiel <Guest>Easy, only the birds will attack when you get into range. Lynx and Bears will give a warning growl. Just stay clear of birds and dourhands. Run past, and on top of, Lynx and bears like they aren&#039;t even there. Did this at lvl 22 with all red and purple mobs, didn&#039;t have to fight once.

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