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Lord of the Rings Online An Ancient Story of Evil

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NameAn Ancient Story of Evil
Starts at NPCNaerandir
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded17s, 0c
Requires Items
Rewards Items
  • Find the Left Half of the Key
  • Find the Right Half of the Key
  • BackgroundThe Barrow-downs are south through the gate by the stables and south of Bree. The Great Barrow is at the heart of the Barrow-downs. The first key fragment is guarded by two wights in the Great Barrow maze. The second key fragment is held by a Gaunt-lord elsewhere in the Great Barrow. Naerandir is outside the Prancing Pony. Naerandir has asked you to find two fragments of a key that opens the way into the deepest halls of the Great Barrow from a pair of wights and a creature called a gaunt-man. He recommended taking friends.
    DescriptionTIP: In a recent patch the Anvil is now on the left once you get scared after going downstairs.
    Map of Bree-Town Click an Icon to Link


    <2007-06-13 22:46:52> <Guest>the wight guards and the gaunt-lord are all elite masters. this was a very tough quest, but just wait till Evil's Final Chapter...

    cooment <2007-11-14 20:17:41>
    thragstan <Guest>i have taken the one part of the key from the two wights.Where inside Great Barrow can i find the other one?

    comment <2007-12-25 23:49:40>
    Inferno222 <Guest>A tip, to loot all items, for your bill will be hefty for repairs.FULL FELLOW SHIP

    Great Barrow Map <2008-08-29 21:58:08>
    Haldimir <Guest>Here is Great Barrows Map

    <2008-09-30 02:02:44>
    <Guest>50 Lm soloed

    <2009-01-02 00:12:36>
    Norbian <Guest>How in hells name did you solo that??.. The right key was impossible.. kept disappearing and turning up with a full morale.. my power was zero throughout so couldnt get any good hits either.. I was a 48 tank too..

    dhuh <2009-02-02 20:34:35>
    das <Guest>you cant solo this. period.

    solo <2009-02-04 21:00:38>
    Elc <Guest>Can solo this... As 60 lvl hunter, took 40 mins to solo full instance including final chapter ;) Used one morale and noe power potion

    Solo2 <2009-03-05 21:02:25>
    Djehuty <Guest>Solo with 60 champ. No potions just used 1 rack of lamp with mint sauce.

    solo <2009-03-31 23:53:37>
    Kanbei <Guest>have seen everything in 1 hours killed every enemy as a lvl 60 champion :)

    Solo3 <2009-05-12 17:10:22>
    Elemer <Guest>Done Solo As Level 60 Mini, Easy - Half An Hour

    <2009-06-11 21:41:38>
    Toot <Guest>For anyone else wanting to solo it, I solo&#039;d this as a hunter lvl 50. It was a little tricky and I had to use a healing pot, but really not that bad.

    <2009-06-21 04:13:27>
    Raglar <Guest>Soloed as 47 Burg.

    <2009-06-27 19:15:31>
    Anon <Guest>The new patch changed it, the anvil is now at the part where you walk down the stairs. (Think of quest 1.1.11, where you walk down the stairs and you become scared and your immovable for awhile) well the anvil is to the left when you get down the stairs.

    <2009-07-15 11:41:01>
    Haidendal <Guest>lvl 51 hunter just soloed... no potions or pots. used press onward trait one time but otherwise no trouble at all. :) ... well i guess it does help to have legendary weapons too...

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