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Lord of the Rings Online An Attempted Theft

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NameAn Attempted Theft
TypeMoria Central Halls
Starts at NPCRóarr
Related Objects
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded26s, 60c
  • Find the statue-shoulder and Arm
  • Talk to Róarr at the Orc-watch.
  • BackgroundA dwarf in the Orc-watch saw a group of White Hand Orcs dragging a piece of the statue to the south-east.
    DescriptionThe statue-piece was dragged east out of the Orc-watch.

    Róarr asked you to venture eastwards and recover the statue piece that the White Hand Orcs were dragging away.

    TIP: Statue-shoulder and Arm are located at 11.9S, 104.0W

    TIP: Piece of the Statue at 7.7S, 107.4W.
    Map of Redhorn Lodes Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Zelem-melek Click an Icon to Link


    <2008-11-28 03:08:51>
    <Guest>11,9S 104,0W

    <2009-02-14 23:26:13>
    Zappo <Guest>Found piece of the statue at 7.7s ; 107.4w near the The Broad Way (7.6s ; 107.6w) down a hallway.

    <2009-11-28 22:37:26>
    Elfy <Guest>Confirmed 7.7S 107.4W.

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