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Lord of the Rings Online Ancient Foes of the Spider-bane

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NameAncient Foes of the Spider-bane
TypeMisty Mountains
Starts at NPCSigrun
Starts in Zones
Related MobsAtli Spider-Bane
Occurs in Zones
  • Atli Spider-bane is in the town of Archet, in Bree-land, far to the west of the Misty Mountains. Sigrun and Greip learned that an evil plague of spiders has taken root in caverns beneath Helegrod, and their fell queen is known to Atli Spider-bane.
  • Background'Helegrod's pride has always been its mighty halls, stretching as they do for many miles into the mountains, but Greip and I have discovered that someone -- something, I should say -- has been adding to their expanse.

    'As we explored near to the walls of Helegrod, the snow gave way and Greip fell into an icy cavern, a great hollow space beneath the mountains. I returned to our camp to retrieve enough rope to pull him back to the surface. I moved with all the haste I could manage, but in the few moments I was gone, Greip heard the foul language of spiders and knew the truth of where he had fallen. When I pulled him back to the surface, he related to me his brief adventure in the dark, a story of webs and evil voices.

    'An evil brood of spiders have taken root in the caverns beneath Helegrod, (your name), and the name of their queen is fell: "Zaudru," she is called, and I know one who has encountered her before. Look for Atli Spider-bane in Bree-land, in the town of Archet, for he will be most interested to hear of the spider-plague that festers beneath Helegrod.'
    DescriptionGlóin's scouts have learned that a venomous brood of spiders and their wretched queen lurk now beneath Helegrod.
    Map of Misty Mountains Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Archet Click an Icon to Link


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