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Lord of the Rings Online Angmarim Sorcery

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NameAngmarim Sorcery
TypeLossoth of Forochel
Starts at NPCMika
Starts in Zones
Related MobsAngmarim Sorcerer
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded38s, 8c
Rewards Items
  • Defeat the Angmarim Sorcerer
  • Background
    Map of Forochel Click an Icon to Link


    <2008-05-03 23:01:03>
    Roseth <Guest>Sorcerer is at N8.1 W79.3

    i dont get it <2009-01-06 22:45:38>
    Malehrond <Guest>why is the light armor helmet have a higher armor value than the medium armor helmet?

    <2009-04-13 00:31:02>
    Grin <Guest>this should be a small fellowship quest

    <2009-05-29 00:58:32>
    Cuth <Guest>Soloed as a 45 champ, not that hard. You can pull just the sorceror with a bow, the pack leader doesn&#039;t aggro. Used an athelas but that was it.

    <2009-06-18 20:27:25>
    Candita <Guest>The reward stats for these are wrong. Winter-tusk Hide Hat(Light) gives 128 Armour, +26 Will, +40 Morale. Winter-tusk Hide Helm(Medium) gives 182 Armour, +26 Vitality, +13 Might. Winter-tusk Hide Helmet(Heavy) gives 223 Armour, +26 Vitality, +13 Agility, +564 Fear Resist Rating.

    <2009-07-26 04:13:46>
    Randiriel <Guest>If you pull the sorcerer then run back a little way, the chieftain doesn&#039;t aggro. Clear the area of hunters first or you&#039;ll run into one

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