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Lord of the Rings Online Arctic Hunters

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NameArctic Hunters
TypeMisty Mountains
Starts at NPCTralli Gemfinder
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Coin Rewarded22s, 40c
Rewards Items
  • Defeat Wargs (0/12)
  • Tralli will be pleased to hear that you have lessened the menace of the wargs that stalk the Misty Mountains.
  • Background'Everyone knows there are goblins in the Misty Mountains, but few know the way to Goblintown. Lord Glóin has been there, but he doesn't often talk of the adventure and you'd be wise not to press him on the subject.

    'The goblins come out of Goblintown with their foul wargs, and hunt for prey among the high passes. The mountains are home to a great many of these wargs, savage beasts of teeth and claws. If you are a proven warrior, you might make them the prey, rather than the predator.

    'Look for them around Pinnath Fenui, far to the east, and slay the foul hunters. We cannot allow them to prey on even the few travellers in this land.'
    DescriptionTralli Gemfinder at Glóin's camp wants you to hunt the wargs that harass travellers in the Misty Mountains.
    Map of Misty Mountains Click an Icon to Link


    Is it possible? <2008-04-27 13:02:59>
    elfrange <Guest>Would it be possible for lvl 38 hunter to kill atleast one of them or would they hit nothing??

    <2008-05-20 23:33:33>
    Alaedric <Guest>Yes, a level 38 could do ok, as the wargs are mostly levels 40 and 41. It's harder getting there than fighting the wargs though, but still doable.

    im glad its possible <2009-01-01 23:14:08>
    Blachaze <Guest>yay im a lvl 38 hunter

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