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Lord of the Rings Online Arnmoth the Exacting

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NameArnmoth the Exacting
Starts at NPCThorth
Starts in Zones
Related MobsArnmoth the Exacting)
Occurs in Zones
  • Icreave Mines
Coin Rewarded39s, 76c
Rewards Items
  • Defeat Arnmoth the Exacting
  • Return to Thorth
  • Background
    DescriptionTIP: Arnmoth the Exacting is an Elite Master and has some friends. He can be found in the Foreman's Quarters in the Icrereave Mines.
    Map of Forochel Click an Icon to Link


    listed as a solo quest <2008-05-13 16:13:02>
    Woodwise <Guest>this quest has an exelent rewards(s), but it is listed as a solo quest, it is not, unless your an uber Guardian. But i two maned it with Me( a Mini) and my brother a captian, it is best to bring a friend or two on this quest.

    Updated <2008-05-18 14:36:15>
    Hunter <Guest>It is now listed as a fellowship quest.

    <2008-05-26 19:39:00>
    <Guest>full FS not required. Arnmoth himself has 23k hp. There are 5 adds in the room. However, he won't join the fight until all his adds are dead.

    <2008-06-13 19:50:41>
    <Guest>Arnmoth's Ruin is 25.09 dps not 26, and the weapon isn't better than the Drake-Biter (for those Mins wanting to know)

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