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TypeEpic - Vol. II, Book 3: The Lord of Moria
Starts at NPC
Starts in Zones
Background'Are you certain that the uruk you fought bore the mark of the White Hand?'  Brogur furrows his brow and scowls.  'That is very unusual, (your name). What compelled these creatures to enter Moria? They certainly did not come the way we did! That means they must have gone around the mountains and come in from the East, but for what purpose? Some suspicious plot is afoot, and I do not like it.  'Ah, it is no matter. Any Orc or uruk is a threat to us, those of the White Hand no less than any other! Search out Orcs of any allegiance throughout Zelem-melek and the Redhorn Lodes, and defeat them wherever possible. The only Orc I like is a dead one!'
DescriptionBrogur is worried that an uruk of the White Hand has been scouting near to the dwarf encampment.
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