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Lord of the Rings Online Arthedain's Lost Brethren

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NameArthedain's Lost Brethren
TypeGarth Agarwen
Starts at NPCNarthan
Starts in Zones
Coin Rewarded18s, 55c
Rewards Items
  • Collect shields of Arthedain (0/20)
  • Bring the shields of Arthedain to Narthan
  • Background'In ages past, we were cursed by Iarwain Ben-adar for our inaction as the Red-maid slipped further from the gentle creature she was to the corrupt thing she now is. Until she is redeemed or removed from the world, we are cursed to wander these swamps, with no hope of rest.

    'But we have no hope. She is too powerful, or so the men believe. I do not believe this is so. I must find a way to restore the men's resolve.

    'In life, as we battled against the Angmarim and the Hillmen of Rhudaur, we lost our shields. I believe they are still held by the Hillmen who worship the Red-maid and the brigands who have allied themselves with them. Should thou assault Garth Agarwen and recover these shields, bring them to me.'
    DescriptionThe shades that wander these marshy lands were cursed to remain in Middle-earth, houseless and restless, until they either redeemed or destroyed the Red-maid of Agamaur.
    Map of Lone Land Click an Icon to Link


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