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Lord of the Rings Online Articles of Valour

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NameArticles of Valour
Only for Class:Champion
Starts at NPCGwesgylliel
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Occurs in Zones
Requires Items
Rewards Items
  • Gwesgylliel asked you to return with Raillug's frozen hide and ten sulfur-tinged Tarkrip-boots.
  • Gwesgylliel asked you to return with twenty mottled spider-mandibles and fifteen bubbling droplets.
  • Gwesgylliel asked you to return with a blood-stained tally-stick and an Insignia of Battle.
  • Return to Gwesgylliel
  • Background'I can make you a piece of equipment that will be a worthy addition to your raiment, (your name), but I will need a number of components with which to fashion it.

    'I give to you these notes to aid you in obtaining the components I will need. Steel yourself, for many of these items will be difficult to come by.

    'But you are a champion! I do not doubt your courage or your dedication and am sure that you will emerge from this task victorious.'
    DescriptionGwesgylliel has agreed to help you fashion a piece of equipment worthy of your skill as a champion.,

    TIP: Splintered Warg Claws drop on Scara Pack-masters.
    Map of North Downs Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Angmar Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Misty Mountains Click an Icon to Link


    <2007-07-20 03:28:44>
    Anori <Guest>1.4N-32.4W For the Tarkrip Boots. It somewhat of a rare drop. Took me 30 min to get all 10.

    Spiders <2008-01-13 22:18:02>
    Arkell <Guest>Where are the spider mandibles? Is it possible to complete this quest at lvl 45? Thanks

    Change <2008-04-07 22:42:47>
    Joe <Guest>I'm currently doing this quest, and all it requires is the Tarkrip Boots and Raillug's Hide.

    <2008-04-10 22:51:09>
    Joe <Guest>And I was mistaken, it requires all these things

    Mandibles are in Himbar <2008-05-03 22:33:33>
    Zohrain <Guest>Arkell, you can get the spider mandibles off spiders in Himbar.

    <2008-05-14 16:10:40>
    Bladinglegend <Guest>where can i get the bubbling droplets?

    <2008-06-16 19:32:21>
    Droplets <Guest>could i please get a location of the droplets? looked on mmodb and lorebook but no info..

    Articles of Valour -Bubbling Droplets <2008-06-18 22:58:38>
    Bubbling Droplets drops from Bloated Brimstone-Leech. Estern part of the Malenhad Swamp at Angmar.

    boots <2008-07-07 21:24:15>
    Jacko <Guest>go around 31.3W and 2.6 south for good drop on boots, took me like 3min for all ten ;)

    <2008-08-30 22:07:00>
    Galadorn <Guest>you only need to collect Tarkrip Boots and Raillug's Hide, im on this quest right now and thats all i need.

    <2008-09-01 22:53:15>
    Regern <Guest>Once you get the first two items she sends you for the next two, and so on.

    <2008-09-21 02:15:30>
    <Guest>Isnt this a lvl 45 quest?

    splintred warg claw <2009-02-22 19:36:32>
    cyclope <Guest>for the splintered warg claw collect the only from "sacra pack master" all teh other warg in gorothlad will not drop anything!!! almost killed 20 b4 being sure!

    bloodstained tully stick and battle insigna <2009-02-23 21:32:49>
    cyclope <Guest>Sorry but how is possible to do that by yourself? I eman you need to kill mobs 20K and more... Please any help from anybody who did it???

    Scara Pack-Masters <2009-06-09 02:13:58>
    Cegaiel <Guest>Found a bunch at 1.0n 24.9w Just leave the southern stable, go north along road, past the first orc camp. Soon as the mountains end (on your right side), then veer east.

    last items <2009-06-30 00:15:36>
    tarfilesse <Guest>The main items for the 2 quests are drops from bosses in Urugarth - the scale of Lugrien os from the dragon queen and the insignia is from Gruglak in the Area. All this takes a FULL group. You kill Lugrien after killing 5 drakes that guard 5 hatchlngs. You have to tank the drakes and turn them around to protect the group. After killing 5 pairs, the queen will come down, 50,000+morale. The Arena may be the hardest section of Urugarth I have seen. A full group goes in and the gate shuts. You get several waves of high level mobs before Gruglak returns for the final battle. Good - the drops are not bound so you can give/trade/sell them if you get them and don&#039;t need them. Bad- if you aren&#039;t the only Champion who needs them and you don&#039;t win in a roll off, then you&#039;ll obviusly have to run the whole thng again. I was actaully given the Gruglak insignia by someone else who knew I needed it. I have fialed on both attempts in the Arena. Avaoid Lugbas&#039;s courtyard and head down the hill to hte left along the wall to get to the Arena. All the other drops are VERY soloable at the 45+ level however, I recommend that you not start the series until 47+48+ to make collection and survival a little easier. Tarf Silverlode

    <2009-08-13 13:03:26>
    Nimerian <Guest>Soloing the first four collections is not that hard at lvl 45. The hardest are the spider mandibles which come from lvl 48+ spiders. They are easiest to find in Himbar. The bubbling-droplets can only be found on leeches of lvl 37 or lower. The goblins are easy to find in Angmar on western edge of malenhad and Raillug is easy to kill. I got the scale of Lugrien and the insignia of battle from the auchtion hall for 500s each cause i though it was worth the price. That way I was able to get it for myself at lvl 45. If u feel like doing it the hard way then I recommend waiting until lvl 48 or higher. You need a full group to do so as mentioned above.

    <2009-09-01 19:05:03>
    Danther <Guest>is Railllug bugged/AWOL? Been at the location indicated by the quest tracker in Bruinen Source North for about 20 minutes, and no sign of the mob.

    <2009-09-09 00:35:22>
    Raillug <Guest>For raillug - try going a little further east. The quest tracker is bugged.

    Where is Urugarth? <2010-01-09 21:29:52>
    Fernanthelion <Guest>Cannot seem to find any information as to loction of Urugarth. Haven&#039;t yet got the quest but don&#039;t know where Urugarth is on map...coordinates appreciated.

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