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Lord of the Rings Online At the Forest's Edge

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NameAt the Forest's Edge
TypeMen of Bree
Starts at NPCBob Redthistle
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Coin Rewarded5s, 50c
  • Defeat angry bears (0/8)
  • Defeat large barrow-crawlers (0/24)
  • Speak to Bob Redthistle at the Dead Man's Perch
  • Background'At the edge of the Old Forest, south through the Barrow-downs, there are many bears suffering from a terrible plague. The only way I can see to save them from their agony is to destroy them and ensure that they do not spread this plague into the remainder of the Old Forest. 'You will find the bears and the plague-carries deep to the south where the walls of the Old Forest meet the Barrow-downs. Destroy the bears and then destroy the diseased crawlers infesting them. 'You may find some of the disease-carrying crawlers outside of the hosts as well.'
    Map of Bree-Land Click an Icon to Link


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