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Lord of the Rings Online Avorthal's Favourite Haunts

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NameAvorthal's Favourite Haunts
TypeEpic - Vol. I, Prologue
Starts at NPCCardavor
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Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded90c
  • Find Avorthal
  • Retrieve the satchel
  • Bring satchel to Cardavor
  • Background'It is not like Avorthal to be late -- at least not without sending word -- nor to put aside his usual habits. Still, he has spent much time in contemplation in recent days.

    'When Avorthal desires solitude for quiet thought, he spends much time amidst the ruins to the west of Celondim. Perhaps he is there now. Would you go there and find him?

    'Journey north along the road, and near the river head west. Soon you will see the ruins upon the hill. Avorthal must be somewhere within.'
    DescriptionThe news you brought from Athal has caused Cardavor greater worry, for it is unlike Avorthal to be late without sending word, nor to forego his usual habits.,

    TIP: The Satchel is at the Wolf Den (rotates between 29.2S, 95.5W and 29.7S, 95.6W).
    Map of Ered Luin Click an Icon to Link


    Location <2007-05-15 23:56:27>
    Ron <Guest>The satchel is lieing on the ground inside Tham Gelair

    <2007-05-26 22:29:28>
    Geoff <Guest>locs: 90.75, 20.34

    <2007-05-29 17:43:54>
    <Guest>The satchel is in the floor, near of the goblin corpse.

    Elf Satchel <2007-06-06 22:14:44>
    <Guest>Better location is 27.5S 94.3W, by the goblin leader

    <2008-06-08 13:35:09>
    sunsay <Guest> 27.5 94.3

    <2008-06-09 22:33:50>

    Satchel location <2008-08-02 21:18:04>
    Applefire <Guest>It's near the entrance around the table for the other quest.

    <2008-11-01 22:08:56>
    Liggett <Guest>Satchel is located ar 27.5S, 94.3W

    <2009-03-30 00:18:25>
    dahort <Guest>they moved the satchel to the wolf den now. coords 29.2S 95.5W

    Hope you can use this :) <2009-04-05 00:20:13>
    LotRO Fan <Guest>After last updates I found this on my newest charachter at locations : 29,7S - 95,6W

    and then here <2009-04-09 00:06:58>
    Tariath <Guest>it then respawned at 29.7S 95.6W !

    <2009-05-18 21:17:56>
    sol0 <Guest>WOLF DEN 29.7S 95.6W

    <2009-06-27 19:15:31>
    djet <Guest>It rotates between 29.7, 95.6 and 29.2,95.5

    <2009-08-30 22:08:41>
    andy <Guest>is this quest necessary to the book 1 quest, i have just found this quest but i am in bree land and i am 8000 metres away

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