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Lord of the Rings Online Quests - B

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NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Back and Forth58Zelem-melek, Moria, The Twenty-first HallRedhorn Lodes
Back to the Mines46
Badgers as Shepherds55Durin's Way, MoriaFehem-dum, Hadad-dum, Jundul-Dum
A Bag of Tricks58The Foundations of StoneNud-melek
Balak, Emissary of the White-Hand49Angmar, Gath Forthnir
Balhest, Lord of Ost Elendil45EvendimEchad Garthadir, Ost ElindilPure Essence of Athelas, Battered Arnorian Armour
Balin's Pride55Zelem-melek
Ballard Wilmer and the White Warg36Evendim, Ost ForodWhite-warg Hunter
Band of Numenor49Evendim, Tinnudir
Band of Numenor -- Introduction49Evendim, Tinnudir
Bandages for Callum6Bridgefields, ShireBudgeford, Callum, FrogmoorsCallum's Staff, Callum's Bow, Callum's Mace
Bane of the Wood55Lothlórien
Banish the Spirits44Angmar, MyrkworthImlad Balchorth
Banished Deluches48Angmar, Gabilshathur
Banishing the Darkness47Angmar, GabilshathurImlad BalchorthBanfuir Leggings, Fall of Deluches, Egills' Ironwork Bow, Gautar's Ironwork Bow, Gautar's Leggings
Banners of the Pass50Eregion
Banquet Preparations55Lothlórien
Barrow-Treasure42Bree-Land, Bree-TownHaudh Iarchith
Barrow-treasure -- Introduction42Bree-Land, Bree-TownHaudh Iarchith
Barton Tyne Has Lost His Ring15Bree-Land, The Midgewater MarshesTin Ore, Copper Ingot, Common Mushroom
Bâlak, Emissary of the White-hand45Laimbadanir, Victory at Minas Caul, Bâlak's Doom
Beacon in the Snow42Forochel, Suri-Kyla
Beacon of Hope58The Water-works
Beacon-fire of Tol Ascarnen50EttenmoorsTol Ascarnen
Bear Pelts7Bree-Fields, Bree-Land
Bear-hide Armour36TrollshawsRivendell, The Market of RivendellBear Hide Jacket, Bear Hide Shirt
Bear-hunter23North Downs, OthrikarKingsfell
Bears of the North36Bruinen Source West, Gloin's Camp, Misty MountainsGlin's Crossbow, Glóin's Crossbow
Bears On the Greenfields6Greenfields, ShireBrockenboringsMushroom Pie, Goodbody's Axe
Beast No More57Zelem-melek
Beastly Things47Forochel, ZigilgundLansi-maHoary Aurochs Robe
Beasts Among the Ruins38Nan Tornaeth, Trollshaws
Bedbugs51Dolven-view, The Great Delving
Bedding of Bears55Ettenmoors, Tirith RhawHithlad
Belated Birthday50RivendellFlute Musical Cracker, Dulcimer Musical Cracker
Belco's Writ5Shire, TuckboroughMathom House, Michel DelvingWrit Finder's Greatsword, Writ Finder's Sword
Beneath the Greenfields8Fated Dagger, Lubach's Crusher, Halros' Staff, Halros' Trousers, Halros' Boots, Lubach's Ender, Halros' Javelin
Beneath the Hanging Tree1Bree-Land, Chetwood, Stump FieldCombe
A Beneficial Poison60The Foundations of StoneSkumfil
Bert, Tom, and Bill40Trollshaws, Garbert's CottageRivendell, Hall of Fire, Last Homely House, The Stone-trolls' GladeGarbert Family Club, Pure Athelas Extract, Pure Celebrant Ointment, Pure Flask of Conhuith, Pure Milkthistle Draught
Best Served Cold41Trollshaws, Echad CandellethTal Bruinen, Thorenhad
Better Blankets13The Lone-lands, Lone Land, The Forsaken InnNain Enidh, WeathertopArinora's Boots, Arinora's Bracelet, Arinora's Shield
A Better Sort of Giant40Rivendell, Rivendell ValleyAmon Nendir, TrollshawsMaethathol, Ethirphadanir
Beyond the Bulwarks1Archet
Beyond the Cave-in2Thorin's HallSilver Deep
Beyond the Gloaming Falls35Evendim, TinnudirNorthern Emyn Uial, The Gloaming Falls
Beyond the Ram Dúath37
Beyond the Ram Duath42Esteldin, North DownsAughaire, Ram Duath
Big Problems12Bree-land, Bree-TownBuckland, Svalfang's Hut, The BrandywoodSandheaver's Hammer
Big Stuff55Ettenmoors, Grimwood Lumber Yard
Bill's Safe Return50Eregion, Torech AndruagGlavroleth's Boon, Bill's Endurance
A Bird in the Hand23North Downs, OthrikarKingsfell
Birds of a Feather24North, Downs, OthrikarKamskutDolg-klath, Balanamath, Hannar's Crystal Earring, Bruni's Slayer, Brúni's Slayer
A Bit Brown25Evendim, OatbartonBird and Baby Inn, Shire, The Delving Fields
Biting the White Hand53Echad Mirobel, Eregion, Mirobel
Black Badges49Evendim, Tinnudir
Black Badges -- Introduction49Evendim, Tinnudir
Black Challenge50Angmar, EvendimHall of Fire, Last Homely House, Rivendell
Black Imprecations50Angmar, Annuminas, Evendim, Misty MountainsHall of Fire, Last Homely House, Rivendell
Black Incantations50Angmar, Imlad BalchorthHall of Fire, Last Homely House, Rivendell
Black Lore50Angmar, Evendim, Misty MountainsHall of Fire, Last Homely House, Rivendell
Blackfang46The Misty Mountains, North High PassBlackfang's Demise
Blackwold Thieves5Bree-Land, CombeChetwoodSageford's Trousers, Sageford's Vest, Blackwold Bow, Blackwold Javelin
Blackwold Valuables4Bree-Land, CombeOld Bauman's FarmConstable's Two-Handed Hammer, Frayed Cloak, Blackwold Cloak
A Blade For a Life14Bree-Land, Bree-TownBree-Fields, Brigand's WatchMaribell's Defender, Thistleway's Trousers, Talloch
A Blade of Renown15Bree-Land, Bree-Town, Bree-Town JailAndrath, The Midgewater Marshes, South Guard Ruins, StaddleLesser Essence of Athelas, Guardian's Axe, Champion's Axe
Blade of the Dunlending53Echad Mirobel, Eregion, MirobelThe School at Tham Mirdain
Blankets from the Baying Wolves15The Lone-lands, Lone Land, The Forsaken InnWeather Hills, Minas Eriol, Midgewater Pass, Weather HillsArinora's Gloves
A Blaze for the South50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenHithlad
A Blaze for the West50Ettenmoors, Tol Ascarnen
A Blaze in the Trees55EttenmoorsTol Ascarnen
Bleeding Heart55Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenHithlad
Blindside58The Orc-watch, Redhorn Lodes
Blood-pact40Angmar, Tyrn Lhuig, Western MalenhadBail BoglakhLorne's Shoes, Tirnengur, Randirnaith, Lorne's Dagger, Lornë's Dagger, Lornë's Shoes
Bloodstones38Angmar, AughaireFasach-larran, Nad NathairLakhina's Gloves, Sword of the Ancestors
Bloodwing44Angmar, AughaireLimdail, Choker of Buth Sankhas, Bronwennam, Choker of Búth Sánkhas
Blunting the Spear22Esteldin, North DownsDagoras' Gloves
Boar Heads11Bree-Fields, Bree-Land
Boar-Tooth Dagger35South Trollshaws, TrollshawsMarket of Rivendell, RivendellBoar-Tooth Dagger
Boast60The Foundations of Stone
Bogbereth's Brood44Angmar, Gath ForthnirTorech-i-BogberethSpider Talisman
Bogrian's Curiosity54Durin's Way
Bolster the Defences16North Downs, TrestlebridgeGreenwayWoodruff's Cape
Bone Amulets45Angmar, Gath ForthnirGurthlin, Imlad Balchorth
Bone Amulets -- Introduction45Angmar, Gath ForthnirGurthlin, Imlad Balchorth
Bone Man13Bree-Land, Bree-TownOst GorthadBone Man's Band, The Bone Man's Guards, Codhringor, The Bone-man's Touch
Book 1 -- Chapter 1: Strangers in Hollin50EregionThe Walls of Moria
Book 2, Chapter 1: New Residents52Durin's Way, The Chamber of the Crossroads
Book 3, Chapter 1: An Overzealous Explorer54The Chamber of Leadership, The Twenty-first HallThe Great Hall of Durin, Zelem-melek
Book 4, Chapter 1: Preparations for the Western Halls51Durin's Way, The Chamber of the CrossroadsDurin's Threshold, Menem-berej, Silvertine LodesCloak of the Crossroads
Book 5, Chapter 1: Azog's Legacy58Nud-melek
Book 6, Chapter 1: Desperate Times55Durin's Way, The Chamber of the Crossroads
Book 7, Chapter 1: Hidden in Shadow49Angmar, GabilshathurGath Forthnir
Book 7, Chapter 2: Crossing the Shadow50Angmar, Gath ForthnirBail Catharnakh
Book 7, Chapter 8: The Gates of Carn Dum50Angmar, Gath ForthnirInstance: The Gates of Carn Dum
Book III, Chapter 1: Ranger of the Fields24
Book III, Chapter 7: The Council Assembled25Derdail
Book IV Tale: The Drowned Treasury57Zelem-melek
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