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Lord of the Rings Online Back and Forth

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NameBack and Forth
TypeMoria Central Halls
Starts at NPCNarfi
Related ObjectsBack and Forth
Starts in Zones
Related MobsMoria Orc-emissary (RL)
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded27s, 65c
  • Recover parcel from an Orc-emissary
  • Background'I have no love for the Elves, but I am not so bitter that I would see harm come to their great woods. My scouts have been watching over these blasted Orcs, minding the areas where they have mustered in the greatest numbers. It is known that something terrible is underway.

    'We have located two distinct areas in which they have gathered, but first we need to collect solid evidence of their movements. So, it falls on you to fulfil this task; I hope that you are not faint of heart.

    'You must do some running thither and back, but your purpose will be great: Orc-emissaries carry communications to and fro between the various tribes gathered here in Khazad-dûm. You must hunt one down and collect the parcel it carries. You can find these emissaries moving near and around any White Hand Orc, Moria Orc, or any other Orc-camps between here and the Orc-watch to the south-west. Return to me when you have done this.'
    DescriptionOrcs gather beneath several banners but rally ever for a single cause: to wreak discord and havoc upon all that is free and good in the world. This hinders the efforts of the dwarves, for the war-host of Moria spurs the dwarves into combat in defence of their halls and Lothlórien.,

    TIP: at 12.4S, 104.6W in Redhorn Lodes
    Map of Zelem-melek Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Moria Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Redhorn Lodes Click an Icon to Link


    emissary of white hand <2009-01-03 23:51:20>
    a b <Guest>at 12,4S|104,6W in redhorn lodes (!)

    <2009-03-30 00:18:25>
    <Guest>This quest is level 58, not 57.

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