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Lord of the Rings Online Banners of the Pass

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NameBanners of the Pass
Starts at NPCRostoriel
Related ObjectsRedhorn Banner
Starts in Zones
  • Collect banners (0/12)
  • Background'The half-orcs have pushed far beyond where any of us had thought they would dare, even so far as the Redhorn Gate.

    'Though none marked their passage, they did not leave in secrecy; leaving foul banners of the White Hand upon the hill-side. Go and remove these banners. We must not allow the half-orcs to believe that they can roam freely throughout this land, which once belonged to the Elves.

    'The half-orc banners can be found throughout the Redhorn Gate to the north-east.'
    DescriptionHalf-orcs have placed banners throughout the Redhorn Gate, signifying their allegiance to Saruman the White and staking their claim to the area.,
    TIP: 45.6S, 6.6W
    Map of Eregion Click an Icon to Link


    Location <2008-11-26 02:28:44>
    Meh <Guest>45.6S, 6.6W

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