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Lord of the Rings Online Banquet Preparations

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NameBanquet Preparations
Starts at NPCMaliriel
Starts in Zones
Background'Greetings, (your name). You come at an auspicious time -- but one that finds me ill prepared for my duties. You see, I am the Mistress of the Feast for Lothlórien, and it falls to me to prepare a great banquet.

'Yet I find myself with few hands to prepare such an event, for many have been called away to guard the borders of our forest or to sojourn further afield against the foes of the Elves.

'So I ask you, if you will, to seek out my companions who labour here and to the south towards the Vineyards, and offer them whatever aid you may in these preparations, for time grows short!'
DescriptionThe Elf-lady Maliriel has long organized the great banquets of Lothlórien, held for honoured guests and special occasions. The strains of unrest and war have distracted many from the preparations needed, and she has asked you to aid the Elves responsible for completing the preparations for an upcoming banquet.


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