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Lord of the Rings Online Cause for Joy

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NameCause for Joy
Starts at NPCNora Strawley
Related ObjectsWooden Figurines
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded9c
Rewards Items
  • Bring the wooden figurine to Tongannel
  • Background'Don't be ridiculous! My husband is fine -- in fact, he's inside the house right now, resting from his ordeal! You see, when those wolf-men attacked the waggon, he wasted no time at all: he broke open the crate of figurines and started throwing them at them. While they were distracted by the cunningly-crafted missiles, he crept by them down the path and escaped into the woods! He got turned around, or he would have stopped at Echad Candelleth to see the Elf Tongannel again, but he was already nearly to the bridge when he regained his bearings. He came home, bemoaning the loss of the figurines, and I put him right to bed to rest.

    'But you have recovered the figurines he meant to sell! He'll be so pleased. I think I will forbid him from making another such journey, however -- we will sell them here in Bree, and that will be more than enough. He is an enterprising sort, but he must see the wisdom in this.

    'Here, take one of these figurines back to Tongannel. I know that Tim will be touched by her thoughtfulness, and he will want her to keep this figurine as a token of her friendship with the Strawleys.'
    DescriptionNora Strawley has given you unexpected, but joyful, tidings: her husband survived his encounter with the Gauredain.
    Map of Bree-Town Click an Icon to Link


    update to content of this quest <2008-03-05 04:34:48>
    kido <Guest>first: rewards are 3 items, one is duplicated on your site second: this is a series of quests, prerequired quest is : "Cause for Sorrow" (NPC=Tongannel in Trollshaws) , pre is "An End to the Enterprise" , pre: "Dangerous Enterprise" all the same NPC third: you could bind also quests that give other pieces of set for clarity

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