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Lord of the Rings Online Chapter 1: The Champion of Angmar

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NameChapter 1: The Champion of Angmar
Starts at NPCCalenglad
Starts in Zones
Related MobsLaerdan (Evendim)
Occurs in Zones
Requires Items
  • Speak to Laerdan
  • Bring Laerdan's Letter to Calenglad
  • Background'While you were away, a visitor came to Tinnudir. His name is Laerdan, and he is an Elf of great reputation; my friend Golodir spoke very highly of him in our youth, though I had not met him before now. He has been given the use of the mustering room in the keep here on Tinnudir and says he has information about Amarthiel that will be of use to us. He asked for you personally, ____. Hear what he has to say, and I pray you will return to me with some secret lore of the Elves that may aid us in this battle! 'Turn right as you enter the keep, and you will find Laerdan's room atop the stairs.'
    DescriptionTIP: Laerdan is inside of the keep in Tinnudir. Once inside turn right at the fork and he is in the mustering room that it dead ends into.
    Map of Evendim Click an Icon to Link


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