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Lord of the Rings Online Chapter 9: The Barrows of Haudh Iarchith

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<2008-08-21 04:21:44>
Atll <Guest>Where is that guys tomb?

<2008-08-22 03:32:13>
<Guest>is this soloable?

<2008-08-23 04:01:42>
<Guest>It's not soloable right now. Apparently it was at first, but now what was an empty crypt is filled with lvl 50 elites. :(

DONE! <2008-08-31 03:02:20>
Hally <Guest>Gather a small fellowship and head into Haudh Iarchith. Go straight into the elite section, and take the first right that you come across. This will lead you to a dark portal in the wall, which leads to the Tomb of Maenadar. Once inside, the path is pretty straightforward, but keep an eye out for groups of elites that spawn out of the ground when triggered. At the end of the dungeon you will find the tomb, which needs to be activated. The is a Gaunt guardin the tomb that cannot be killed, just destract him in turns whilst u search the tomb. Head back to Newbold Leafcutter with your findings.

<2008-09-07 02:32:47>
<Guest>Yes but where is the tomb located exactly?

soloable <2008-09-24 07:01:28>
Raije <Guest>Easily soloable for a burg.

<2008-11-15 05:40:45>
FatFuzzy <Guest>Awesome map and directions...ty!!! RAAAAAAAAAAWRRRR!!!

<2009-04-11 03:33:21>
Lori <Guest>This is totally soloable for a level 60 - none of the wights will attack that level, and you can run around with no worries.

<2009-04-13 05:43:42>
<Guest>The actual cord of the tomb is 35.1S 55.1W

<2009-06-19 01:22:56>
cynthriis this soloable for a 57 warden?

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