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Lord of the Rings Online Chicken Dash

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NameChicken Dash
TypeSpring Festival
Starts at NPCButtercup North-took
Starts in Zones
Related MobsChicken (Dash)
Occurs in Zones
  • Collect chickens before they escape (0/2)
  • Talk to Buttercup North-took outside the maze in the Horse-fields
  • Background'I am delighted that you are here! You would not believe what fun I've been having in the mzae. Chickens! Oh, they are delightful when they run about so. 'If you wish to partake in the chicken chase, you must wait until the chicken-release is announced, and then run in and catch them before they escape! The tricky part is finding them in the wandering hedge. And the other tricky par is finding your way out once you've caught yours. 'Mind you don't lose your way when you go inside! It can be tricky within the foliage, you know.'
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