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Lord of the Rings Online Quests - D

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NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Daffodil is Missing4Needlehole, Shire
Daily Defence44Forochel, Kauppa-KohtaHammastus-pesa
Dances With Dwarves10Ered Luin, Thorin's Hall
Dances With Elves10Duillond, Ered Luin
Dances With Hobbits10Party Tree, Shire
Dances With Men10Bree-Land, Festival Grounds
Danger Among the Dunes32Evendim, TinnudirSand-lurker Stalker
Dangerous Boars8Bree-Land, StaddleChetwoodBoar Hunter's Mace
Dangerous Enterprise43TrollshawsEchad Candeleth
A Dangerous Road32EvendimGuest Rooms, Rivendell
A Daring Rescue13Lone Land, Minas EriolAnnunlos, The Forsaken InnRescuer's Blade, Rescuers Hands
Dark and Shallow Water55The Rotting Cellar, The Waterworks
A Dark Day45Forochel, Lansi-ma, ZigilgundBree-Town, The Prancing Pony
Dark Defilers56Moria, Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentThe Forgotten Treasury
Dark Delvings - Cloaked in Darkness60Zelem-melek
Dark Delvings - Illuminate the Dark60Zelem-melek, The Twenty-first Hall
Dark Delvings - Speak No Evil60Zelem-melek
Dark Hunters44Angmar, AughaireBurzum PushdugBelegabnir, Torquil's Vengeance, Aewolf
Dark Power Rising53Zelem-melek
Dark Raiders38Angmar, AughaireMorfilLoop of Buth Sankhas, Gem of Buth Sankhas
A Dark Secret Way51Echad Dunann, EregionTâl CaradhrasRinneldor's Tribute, Sword of Eregion
Dark Standards38Angmar, AughaireJewel of Buth Sankhas
Dark Standards38Angmar, AughaireTor GailvinJewel of Buth Sankhas
Dark Vengeance39Angmar, AughaireBurzum PushdugGolubadanir, Brecham, Ranghash's Defeat
A Dark, Secret Way46Shield of the Company
Darkened by Mildew56The Rotting Cellar, The Waterworks
A Dash of This and That55Dar-Gazag, Ettenmoors
Dâr Narbugud: Bastions of Doom55
Dâr Narbugud: Champions of Virulence55
Dâr Narbugud: Noxious Vapours55
Dâr Narbugud: A Plague Restrained55
Dâr Narbugud: Purifying the Fungal Contagions55
Dâr Narbugud: The Bewildering Inscription55
Dâr Narbugud: The Deep Places of the World55
Dâr Narbugud: The Heart of the Scourge55
Dâr Narbugund: The Heart of the Scourge55Lothlórien
Dead Water29Agamaur, Lone LandGarth AgarwenThe Tusker's Flanks
Dead-fall53Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentPukhlor's Fall, Stiling's Reward
A Deadly Bloom1Thorin's GateFrerin's CourtSkorgrim Harvester, Erynwen's Shield, Erynwen's Bow, Erynwen's Staff
A Deal Gone Sour12Lone Land, WeatherfootAnnunlos, The Forsaken InnTorinn, Basic Stun Dust, Anlaf's Shield
Death to the Invaders55LothlórienDimrill Dale's Messenger, Raskwith's Boots
Death to the Puny Mine-dwellers56Moria, Zelem-melekDurub's Downfall
A Deathly Task10Celondim, Ered Luin, Refuge of EdhelionLaergil's Hooded Cloak, Laergil's Mace
A Deathly Task10Celondim, Ered Luin, Refuge of EdhelionLaergil's Hooded Cloak, Laergil's Mace
Deciphering the Black Speech31Esteldin, North DownsFields of Fornost, Mincham's CampDaervunn's Hooded Cloak, Daervunn's Shoulder Guards
Deep Secrets of Rune-craft50Ered Luin, GondamonElrond's Library, Rivendell, The Last Homely House
Deep Vengeance45Angmar, AughaireMorfil
Defeat the Lieutenants57The Flaming Deeps
A Defence in the Darkness30Ered Luin, Bree-land, Trollshaws, Eregion, The Shire, Evendim, ForochelLin Giliath, North DownsStrike Against the Darkness
Defence of Hoarhallow50Ettenmoors, Hoarhallow
Defence of Lugazag50EttenmoorsGlan Vraig, Lugazag
Defence of the Isendeep50Ettenmoors, IsendeepGlan Vraig
Defence of the Lumber Camp50Ettenmoors, Grimwood Lumber CampGlan Vraig
Defence of Tol Ascarnen50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenGlan Vraig, Tol Ascarnen
Defend Us50Ettenmoors, Grothum
Defending the Bridge24North Downs, Greenway, TrestlebridgeNan Wathren Western Pass
Defending the Herd26Gatson's Farm, North DownsGatson's South FieldsGatson's Shoulder Pads
Delaying Aid50Eregion, Echad Dunann, Nan SirannonTar Stazg
Deluches42Angmar, GabilshathurImlad Balchorth
Deluros of Rivendell40Rivendell, Rivendell ValleyLast Homely House
Den of Wolves6Bree-Land, Combe Lumber CampChetwood, Wolf DenGreen's Mace, Green's Leggings, Wolf-Pelt Leggings, Wolf-Pelt Trousers
Depleted Crystals56Moria, Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentThe Forgotten Treasury
Descending56The Flaming Deeps
Desolation by Aughaire44Angmar, AughaireGuide to West Angmar
Desperate Straits43Angmar, GabilshathurWestern Malenhad
A Dessicated Husk: The Fanatic's Tale58The Grand Stair, Throne of IgashAnazarmekhem, The Flaming Deeps, The Twenty-first Hall, Zelem-melek
Destroy the Southern Flag50EttenmoorsTol Ascarnen
Destroy the Western Flag50EttenmoorsTol Ascarnen
Destroy the Wights42Angmar, MyrkworthPure Essence of Athelas, Pure Celebrant Salve
Destroying the Hatchery32Esteldin, North DownsAngmar, Ram Duath
Destroying their Means48Eregion, Glad Ereg, GwingrisInufileg's Companion, Wood-cutter's Gloves
Digging the Dirt18Bree-land, Northern Barrow-downsThe Dead Spire
Digging West59Lothlórien, NanduhirionThe Fallen IceRaskwith's Blade
A Dire Need43Angmar, GabilshathurDolroth
Dire News25Mincham's Camp, North DownsEsteldin, Halbarad's StudyHalbarad's Shield, Medliechor
Dirty Work: Orc-slaying14
Disabling Alarms57The Flaming Deeps
Disarming the Foe60Eryn Laer, Lothlórien, Talan FanuidholBidroi Maudhul, Fanuidhol, Nardur-stazg, Prakuth-fulugLothlórien Silver Branch
Disarming the Valley30Lin Giliath, Meluinen, North DownsAngmar, Etten Caves, Taur GonwaithArasbadanir, Baranwen's Shield
Discovering the Source49Angmar, Gath Forthnir, HimbarImlad Balchorth
Disease Among the Boars6ArchetWorn Shoulder Pads, Thistlewool's Knife, Thistlewool's Buckler, Thistlewool's Shield, Thistlewool's Bow, Thistlewool's Javelin, Thistlewool's Staff, Thistlewool's Stone
A Diseased Gland60Moria, Dark Delvings
Distant Dangers11Brockenborings, Overhill, ShireGreenfieldsHornblower's Feet, Stuffed Cabbage
Distant Relations45Bruinen Source West, Gloin's Camp, Misty MountainsForochel, Kauppa-Kohta
A Distant Uncle44Angmar, AughaireGath Forthnir
A Disturbing Affair9Low LandsGondamon
Disturbing News44Eregion
Dour Dwarves21Lone Land, Ost Guruth
Dourhand Crests46Ered Luin, Thorin's HallForochel, Lansi-ma, Orodost, Sarnur Great Hall, Sarnur Keep
Dourhand Crests -- Introduction46Ered Luin, Thorin's HallForochel, Lansi-ma, Orodost, Sarnur Great Hall
Dourhand Plans29North Downs, OthrikarNan Amlug West, Ost Galumar
Down from the Mountains45Trollshaws, ThorenhadAmon NendirPure Flask of Conhuith
Down From the Mountains (Lothlórien)56Lothlórien, Nimrodel, Talan HaldirAthmadhul, Dru-garmadh, Nanduhiron, Uruk-gashan
Down, Down to Goblin-Town50Misty MountainsGoblin-Town
Down-payments17Adso's Camp, Bree-Fields, Bree-LandOld Sweetgrass Farm
Drawing the Enemy50Eregion, Nan SirannonEmyn NaerLimlaer's Axe
Drawing the Pack25Annunlos, Lone Land, The Forsaken InnNain EnidhWarg Router, Shadepaw's Defeat, Mugwort's Old Staff, Old Mugwort's Gauntlets
Drawn to the Water56The Rotting Cellar, The Waterworks
Dread in the Fallen City39Angmar, AughaireAngmar, Dun CovadSmall Blade of Búth Luikh
Dreaming of a White Yule10Thorin's Gate, Thorin's Hall
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