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Lord of the Rings Online Digging the Dirt

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NameDigging the Dirt
TypeMen of Bree
Starts at NPCTobold Leafcutter
Related Objects
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
  • The Dead Spire
Coin Rewarded3s, 20c
  • Collect Lore-fragments (0/3)
  • Bring the lore-fragments to Tobold Leafcutter
  • Background'Before my jounrey here to the Barrow-downs, I did some reading to learn about the area. I learned about the barrows of three Men of Cardolan: Taradan, Orron, and Ringdor. I would surely like to have found some evidence to keep of my journey to those places. 'Try digging at the entrances of those barrows. I believe they lie in the north-east area of the Barrow-downs. 'Here, take this pick-axe. The tip has been blunted, so your digging shouldn't cause any damage to any lore-fragments you uncover.'
    Map of Bree-Land Click an Icon to Link


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