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Lord of the Rings Online Discovering the Source

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NameDiscovering the Source
Starts at NPC
Related ObjectsRoiling Deadly Water
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded24s, 50c
Requires Items
  • Draw water from the western pools of Imlad Balchorth (0/4)
  • Bring the phial to Fimreg
  • Background'This water appears to addle the senses but does little else. The Rangers have stated that the water is deadly poison. Perhaps they refer to the western pools?

    'If their words are true, collecting the water from the western pools will prove most hazardous. You must be careful lest a single drop touch your skin. The stuff is deadly poison and will stop your heart in your chest.

    'Venture back to Imlad Balchorth and draw water from the poisonous, roiling floods of the western pools. It may provide the answers I seek.'
    DescriptionThe pools of Imlad Balchorth are noxious pits of foul water. No one knows if the corruption stems from the Enemy's industry or from a more sinister source.
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    <2007-06-12 12:40:25>
    anon <Guest>So, going into the bright green water kills me, but several of the things you need to click are in the middle of the water. What gives?

    <2007-06-25 11:34:51>
    <Guest>All roiling pools are at the edge of the water, reachable from the shore.

    <2007-07-05 01:05:30>
    <Guest>Eh, quest log says draw water from western pools, but the tip says eastern pools?. The Western pools are deadly, the eastern pools you can walk through. Btw a tip on where these western pools are would be great.

    Soloable? <2007-07-05 00:30:28>
    Kumar <Guest>Is this quest soloable? If so, what is the way to these eastern pools?

    <2007-09-04 09:10:21>
    Will <Guest>Three of the four pools are up the hill you would takt if you are going from the second to the first monument. I didn't get the loc cause of the roaming Elite Master--watch out for him!

    Bring a buddy. <2007-10-21 23:24:51>
    Light <Guest>All 4 nodes for this quest are at the very top of the giant waterfall North of the South West entrance to IB through the mountains. The pools are by the shore of the river on the West side... for good reason. The water will INSTANTLY KILL YOU if you step in it.

    Group <2008-02-08 19:54:12>
    Artpul <Guest>As it stands now get a small group for this. Before book 12

    Tip <2008-04-17 21:48:40>
    Tothelm <Guest>If you go to the edge of poo keep edging forward big by bit untill you can collect the water. It is better to have a fellowship for this quest because to get to two of the pools you have to kill an elite master and a two signatures.

    <2009-01-27 22:44:00>
    Celesdriel <Guest>This quest is level 49, not 44

    its soloable... just about <2010-01-15 19:36:03>
    hakem <Guest>once you get to the green water areas it is just about soloable. there are lots of boiling water points throughout the area, not just 4 so if you cant get to one keep looking around. my lvl 49 guardian did this quest solo by dodging the elites. like i said, it can be done- patience and perseverence!

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