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Lord of the Rings Online Falgeirr Twisttongue

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NameFalgeirr Twisttongue
TypeMoria Central Halls
Starts at NPCÖndótt
Related ObjectsPlaque
Starts in Zones
  • Solve Twisttongue's Riddle
  • Background'You've gone and found my author! Well done, my good (your race). Yes, the script is undoubtedly his. Let's see....

    '...called Twisttongue,' is it...Falgeirr! His name was Falgeirr Twisttongue.

    'He must have been given that nickname due to this sort of thing. I've been puzzling over a riddle he left, just here. It reads:

    I can sizzle like bacon; I am made with an egg,
    I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg,
    I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole,
    I can be long, like a flag-pole, yet fit in small holes.
    What am I?

    'Have you any idea what this could refer to?'
    DescriptionFalgeirr Twisttongue was a dwarf with a penchant for riddles. He left messages for his descendants in his personal papers, which you found in the library of the Great Delving.,
    TIP: Answer: Snake 12.1S, 111.3W
    Map of Silvertine Lodes Click an Icon to Link


    <2008-11-28 09:08:51>
    <Guest>Answer: Snake 12.1S, 111.3W

    <2009-06-04 06:05:29>
    Belfridge <Guest>Go through Gamil Filik and out the other side to the east into the high walkways. Follow them around and you&#039;ll see a huge plaque with a snake on it.

    Better directions <2009-07-03 02:28:57>
    Cegaiel <Guest>Going through Gamli Filik (goblin camp just east of descent deep) is way to much hassle. Just ride to Waterworks (Rotten Cellar) if you have that stable and come up that way. Its in the same area as the Crystals and Moonlight quest. Best to do that at same time you have that quest, knock them both out at same time. Soon as you get into the abandon city, its the first doorway on right. After clicking it, the next step is to click another plaque in the same room.

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