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Lord of the Rings Online Finding Amdir

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NameFinding Amdir
Starts at NPCToradan
Related ObjectsBlackwold-Recruit's Pack
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Coin Rewarded40c
Requires Items
  • Search a Blackwold recruit's pack
  • Bring the letter to Constable Underhill
  • BackgroundMany of the scattered Blackwolds dwell in the hills east of Combe. Following Toradan's advice, you spoke with Constable Underhill about the Blackwold brigands. The hobbit constable suggests that you search amongst the campfires of the Blackwolds to the east of Combe for one of the brigand agent's letters.
    DescriptionTIP: The letter can be found in a Blackwold Recruit's Pack in Chetwood. This is in a camp guarded by several Blackwolds. (S 28.0, W 45.1)
    Map of Bree-Land Click an Icon to Link


    quest? <2007-05-07 19:29:19>
    rofl <Guest>anyone got a clue where this is?

    <2007-08-12 06:07:54>
    Daggadan28.0 S, 45.1 W

    <2007-09-16 16:49:15>
    Edd <Guest>I think you mean 2.8 S, makes more sense

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