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Lord of the Rings Online Fireworks for the Festival

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NameFireworks for the Festival
Starts at NPCRobert Greenverge
Starts in Zones
Requires Items
Rewards Items
  • Collect Dwarf-Fireworks
  • Collect Elf-Fireworks
  • Collect Hobbit-Fireworks
  • Collect Man-Fireworks
  • Return before the time expires
  • BackgroundThe fireworks vendors can be found in Duilond, Thorin's Halls, the Party Tree and the Bree Fairgrounds. Robert Greenverge awaits you at the Bree Fairgrounds.
    Robert Greenverge has asked you to gather the four special fireworks from the fireworks vendors of Summerdays. Time is of the essence.
    DescriptionNOTE: This quest is only available during the summer festival. It has a one hour time limit.

    TIP: The fireworks are found in each of the four festival locations. The festival grounds in Bree, Duillond in Ered Luin, Thorin's Hall's pub and the Party Tree in the Shire.


    <2007-07-11 06:02:12>
    <Guest>What a dissapointing quest! Travel for 40 minutes, spend 32 silver for a cheesy one-use firework that lasts a couple seconds. They could have at least made the reward remain in inventory with a refresh time.

    Quest update <2009-08-28 01:34:03>
    Barx <Guest>You will still receive the fireworks but it is no longer single use. Still, it&#039;s a lot of effort for some, if you could use the fireworks as a weapon against trolls and orcs, it would be kinda cool :)

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