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Lord of the Rings Online Fool's Crown

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NameFool's Crown
Starts at NPCLithuifin
Starts in Zones
Coin Rewarded21s, 35c
Rewards Items
  • The Hill-giant chieftain is at Amon Moth, south and west of the Eavespires. Lithuifin has asked you to defeat the Hill-giant chieftain of Amon Moth.
  • Lithuifin resides in the Eavespires, east and north of Amon Moth. You should return to Lithuifin and tell him of the chieftain's defeat.
  • BackgroundLithuifin the Elf is concerned with the giants which have been ruining the forest.
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    Fool's Crown Quest <2007-08-07 07:04:42>
    Drizzetta <Guest>Hill Giant Chieftan is Lvl 40 Elite with lvl 40 bear pet.

    Fools Crown <2007-09-20 02:07:53>
    MacdoogleBring a decent group, Chieftan has over 6k moral and will regen some moral at least once.

    Soloable. <2008-02-27 03:42:58>
    Alphose <Guest>Easy soloable as 40 loremaster. Kill pet first and then go full nuke chieftain.

    soloable *almost* <2008-08-11 02:41:53>
    gentoogod41LM *ALMOST* dropped him. mez'd the bear and got him down to about 500 and forgot to heal myself. didnt realize i was so low.

    soloable as burglar <2008-08-16 03:22:20>
    Humphroy <Guest>Soloable as burglar lvl 41. Riddle him and kill the pet. Once killed the pet, kill him using all your cooldowns. ;)

    coin for the quest <2008-08-18 06:13:30>
    guest <Guest>you dont get 21c for the quest you get 21s 35c :)

    Soloable as LM <2008-09-05 03:06:15>
    Zeridita <Guest>I managed to solo him as a lvl 39 LM, but it was very, very hard. Be sure your Wisdom of the Council and pots are ready, otherwise this will be an impossible fight!

    <2009-03-14 04:59:20>
    Sus <Guest>Maybe trivial, but the chieftain is walking outside! So dont spend an hour for looking inside and killing all giants :)

    Confirmed walking outside <2009-10-31 10:45:50>
    Temphanis <Guest>I can confirm he walks outside it just takes a while for him to wander past the giants camp.

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