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Lord of the Rings Online Forgotten Errands

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NameForgotten Errands
Starts at NPCAmbi
Starts in Zones
Requires Items
Ability Rewarded
  • Lengalenas Field Recipe
  • Lengalenas Pouches Recipe
  • Lengalenas Seeds Recipe
  • Stonecrop Leaf Seeds x5
  • Stonecrop Leaf x3
  • Find Ambi's Red Jar
  • Find Ambi's Green Jar
  • Find Ambi's Blue Bottle
  • Find Ambi's Note
  • Find Ambi's Pack
  • BackgroundAmbi left some belongings scattered around Thorin's Hall. He cannot remember much after partaking in Summerfest, but he does know that the items are important for some reason and he needs them badly.
    DescriptionTIP: Ambi's Pack is up on the bridge by the waterfall. Ambi's Note is in the mine on the east side of the tavern room that Ambi is in. Ambi's Blue Bottle is in the main great hall by the Minstrel trainer (East Side), Ambi's Red Bottle is in the auction house room. Ambi's Green Bottle is in the bank vault room.


    Silver Haddock <2008-08-28 04:29:39>
    Amalir <Guest>This quest doesnt need a Silver Haddock.

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