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Lord of the Rings Online Fungus and Acid

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NameFungus and Acid
TypeMoria Lower Deeps
Starts at NPCAnsurr
Related ObjectsFirst Paddle
Starts in Zones
Coin Rewarded26s, 95c
Rewards Items
  • Restore paddles with the Acid (0/6)
  • Remove the slime from the main paddle (0/6)
  • Background'I have distilled and purified the acid from the diseased dragonets into something we can use to great effect. Take this and head back to the water-wheel assembly at The Great Wheel, (your name).

    'In that area, you will find many small paddles infested with fungus spores and the main paddle covered with slime. For the wheel to work once more, the fungus and slime must be removed.

    'Return to me when you are done and tell me the results. It would be a pity if the wheels are damaged beyond repair.'
    DescriptionThe water-wheel assembly in the Waterworks is covered with fungus spores and slime.,


    First Paddle - 17.7S, 115.4W
    Map of The Waterworks Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Moria Click an Icon to Link


    <2008-12-20 04:54:00>
    Mickhale <Guest>Large paddle located at the north end of the platform, on its side and only the slime glows. Can be easy to miss

    <2009-01-03 05:26:54>
    J-tRain <Guest>location of first paddle: 17.7S, 115.4W

    <2009-03-22 04:21:24>
    Slowlearner <Guest>Slime is at the top of the large paddle - barely notice a glow - very easy to miss.

    Example <2009-07-11 04:51:57>
    Cegaiel <Guest>Heres a screenshot of what you are clicking. Its the green slime on top of the wall in front of me.

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