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Lord of the Rings Online In the Shadow of Giants

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NameIn the Shadow of Giants
TypeMen of Bree
Starts at NPCBuckley Sheppard
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded4s, 8c
  • Collect Tough Vines in the Old Forest (0/20)
  • Deliver the Strappings to Buckley Sheppard
  • Background'Nails are running low...yes, the brigands even took our nails! Can you imagine? Thieves of a different sort than I have ever seen. We needn't fret over the nails, though, and with the cost of iron where it is, I have reasoned a better solution to the problem with building Ados's Inn. The only problem is that the solution lay to the south with the Old Forest. 'In the shadow of the giant trees, there you will find roots. Massive tendrils poking from the earth with the strength of the ages. If we can get strappings from these roots, we can tie our crossbeams together and save the remaining nails for everything else that we need to build. 'What say you? Do you have the heart to face that dark and gloomy place to collect up some strapping from those roots?'
    Map of Bree-Land Click an Icon to Link


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