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Lord of the Rings Online Instance: The Path of Aearil

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Mordrambor <2008-05-09 05:26:59>
Paul <Guest>Does anyone have advice on fighting Mordrambor? He's awfully hard to beat.

<2008-06-19 03:22:39>
fredo255Just stop fighting him when he spawns his adds and concentrate on the grims. There will be 3 waves of grims. After each wave, Mordy resets to full health, so basically, you'll have to kill him 3 times. Also, don't forget to use Backspace to target if you're in hand to hand combat to make sure you're targetting the closest foe, as it's hard to see your target with the watery floor. Actually, had it on the 1st attemps with 1 champ (me), 2 Hunters, 1 LM and 2 minstrels

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