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Lord of the Rings Online Instance: The Tomb of Elendil

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another rediculously lvled quest <2007-09-21 07:33:15>
Gary Tomlinson <Guest>This quest has no business being a lvl 40 quest. The stacked elite master kerghans half way through are more on the order of a lvl 44 fellowship quest.

How We Did It <2007-10-21 18:26:48>
Questnfool <Guest>Took GRD, Champ x2, Mins, Cap, and Burg. Some of the rooms are packed with mobs. So have group say way back and then use LOS pulling to bring them to the group. Used GRRRB as the most effective FA. Once we got to the turtle, we kicked troll first, then GRD tanked turtle, everyone else picked up the small turtle adds. On turtle use GYYYYB. And ensure everyone uses potions to self-heal if the healer is a little busy. Cap, Burg and AOEs make this encounter fairly easy.

How we did it <2007-11-04 20:19:21>
Gredfas <Guest>We found this quest fairly easy, we used a lvl 42 Champion, 39 Burglar, 30 captain, 39 Hunter, 44 minstrell, 42 hunter. We found it easy until we encountered the lvl 40 Elite Master Kegrims. However the easy way to defeat these are by picking off the elites and then using the hunter skill of scaring beasts away. this made them very easy to defeat :) when defeating the massive turtle at the end, continually have a burglar attack from behind and a hunter nuking, get everyone else to counter the mini turtle swarms. The fellowship manouvers we used were generaly YYYYYY or YYYYYB. Overall a challenge that was easily overcome ;)

<2008-03-19 02:26:35>
Xargo <Guest>Just so you won't be wasting your time: not stealthable as a burglar. ;) The instance has narrow spaces crowded with mobs and stuff. Even if you just run and then do HIPS, you'll still have to defeat Idella herself.

<2008-03-23 01:49:17>
Tiudil <Guest>The stacked Elite Masters can be pulled separately without using mezzes by heading right and left into the blocked hallways and killing all the crawlers that spawn.

Oh my goodness <2008-04-17 03:58:25>
Eriathwen <Guest>This is NOT a 40 quest!!! Make sure you have at least 2 mins. This was really hard and long!! Make sure you have a couple of hours to do this. Good luck on finding your way through and make sure you have a pre-planned Fellowship maneuver.

Tough Quest <2008-04-22 03:36:42>
Ola <Guest>This is definitely a challenging quest. Completed it tonight with a 50 Cap, 50 Champ, 47 Hntr, 41 Hntr, and two 40 LM's (it would have been a lot easier with a Mins). Lots of waves of brigands...about 15 elite kergims, etc. Be sure to stun/mez what you can, coordinate your fellowship maneuvers, and take someone who has been through this before. If you know where you're going, it should take you about 45 - 60 minutes to get through (I'm guessing). If you don't have a mins, have a captain on healing duty. Champs AoE is great here in the tight places with elites. LM's be sure to watch power and stun when you can. When you get to the GIANT turtle in the end, LMs need to ensure that you have kickback/knockdown protection on your tanks :) That turtle kicks pretty far and fairly often. Great quest, lots of fun, but definitely need a full, experienced fellowship for this one. Enjoy!

this one <2008-04-25 03:01:57>
mal <Guest> 50 Champ, two 49 guards. We got to the turtle....the little turtles weren't such a big deal but we simply couldn't put out enough dmg to kill the babies every minute and do much dmg on the stupid turtle. This quest really is rated under its level. It should be a 45 or so quest.

Simple enough <2008-07-15 04:19:28>
Ant <Guest>2 hunters, 2 LM-s, minstrel, guardian. Guardian was tanking the turtle, others were staying together behind it. We were killing adds asap, then dpsing turtle. She was dead right after the third wave of adds, not a single fellowship movement was made.

<2008-07-24 03:25:09>
Sludana <Guest>Duoed as 50 guard and 50 minst. Wasn't easy, but doable. Doing an FM (YY) on the turtle made his buff go away.

<2008-07-25 02:43:08>
DAn <Guest>We did it one year ago, 3 mins and a burg...when the battle mode for mins doesnt existed yet. mins 39, 50 and 44 the burg 42

It is a couple of hours, so take someone <2008-08-06 05:17:13>
Jadefaith <Guest>that knows the way. Believe it or not you do not have to have a tank, but a minstrel is pretty necessary. We had 2 loremasters, which helped a lot to stun and root many adds. Just bring good players that are not impatient!! I know people say it is not a level 40 group quest, but I believe it is fine. The problem is the length compared to many. We had a group ranging from 38 to 45. The average was about 41. The two biggest problems are at the end. You can keep the healer up the cliff, but Crackskull will warp up there. We kept the minstrel and 2 others up above to help at first, but then only left a lore-master up there during the turtle. You may wonder why, but this was to backup heal and give mana to the minstrel. Due to the turtles AOE, this was very helpful until the rest could finish him off.

Two Hours <2008-09-01 03:14:05>
Dileas Carraig <Guest>Keep working your way north, mostly. It does take about two hours. It's rough going...

Couldn't do the turle =/ <2008-09-01 03:14:05>
Malle <Guest>We had gone trough the hole instance but in the end when we met the turtle our gang couldn't do it...our lvl 45 champ died and the rest of the team started going down one by one..=/ If you are going to do this q you need a very mixed fellowship guards and minesrels are requierd!

Hardest quest ever <2008-09-27 02:41:10>
Pinethaw <Guest>We Did... eventually, with lvl 50 champ, 47 champ, 50 tank, 50 mini, 43 LM and 43 Hunter. Last urtle was only problem. Apart from being a Nemesis it absorbs damage and so took about 20 minutes to kill, only has one death though. Is probably doable with lvl 45s but u need a good mini and LM as at one point there is a battle with 4 elite Masters and 2 elite. Is the hardest quest i have ever done, took about an hour and a half in all, just work your way down to the bottom

bull"&£* <2009-04-14 07:33:19>
poo claw <Guest>you guys saying you duod or 4 manned it with 4 lvl 38-40 are lieing through the skin of your teeth. the boss was difficult with lvl 59 tank, 60 hunter, 42 min and 48 LM. his defence absorbs any of the pitiable dmg a group of lvl 38s would do and 2 lvl 50s wouldnt be able to kill the adds as well as him. so stop lieing tbh and get a job

tomb of elendil <2009-04-19 17:07:47>
alexandras <Guest>you are all full of lies who say its easy, we needed lvl 60 healer tank and champ to do it, she has armor that apsorb dmg, so stop lienig about lvl 40-45 its lvl 50 quest with need of at least 1 lvl 60

Elendil <2009-04-25 07:21:27>
Tiber <Guest>No I dont think they are lies, I did this quest pre-moria, so there was no lvl60 around :P. We where all 40-44 lvl&#039;s and completed the quest. The part with the 3 (or 4) EM Kegrims is very easy, dont just rush and fight them all together, that will be your dead... If you look around closely, u will see roots comin down the ceiling, walk close, and worms will spawn.. kill them, and ONE EM will come, kill him, move to the other roots, and do the same trick (3 or 4 times), this way you can clear easily. The Turtle is the hardest part off the quest ofc. The trick here is to remove his armour-buff. If I&#039;m correct you can do this by making a GYYYYB FSM, or by pulling him into the water.... this way you can kill him faster (less adds to handle). A LM or Burglar can be handy for stunning/mezzing/rooting mobs.

did it <2009-05-27 04:57:25>
goatolesWell an experienced group from my kin did it.... Nobody was over the level of 42. 40 Champ, 39 Burg, 42 Burg, 38 Mini and 38 RK. Took the little turtles out of commission with a secret we noticed when we wiped the first time. 2nd time the Big Boy went down hard. Not lying.... Brandywine server - Duin en Ruin kin

Tomb <2009-05-30 02:22:50>
Argh <Guest>We tried it yesterday wiped on the turtle. I wanted to do it again immediately but the fship fell to bits because it took so long and people were getting aggro at home. One thing I noticed was that the big turtle did a AOE attack facing forward and guess where we were standing, yup, second wave of small turtles was being handled but then the big turtle AOE&#039;d and our minstrel died, it was only a matter of time then (no-one to rez)

<2009-06-30 05:15:35>
Andro <Guest>This quest is easy if you have people paying attention and know how to play. Don&#039;t tell me you need a 60 to do this quest, if you think that you are retarded plain and simple. Just finished this quest in under 30min, 41guard, 41champ, 38 Hunter, Capt and Loremaster with a 37 Minstrel. We had no issues.

<2009-07-14 06:23:41>
Calenthar <Guest>Calenthar (44 Guard), Anunaki (39 RK), Megilwen (36 LM), Nozomi (55Hunt), Heroette (41Hunt), Sarascen (37Burglar) We went for the conjunction strategy.. yellowed him asap, and the rest of the team killed the adds, while I held Nornagol away from them.. I went down to 13 HP, luckily I had just green and went up by about 300 HP.. then we gave Nornagol the final hit moments later! Was an epic battle.. haha

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