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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Level - 56

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
A Cunning Plan's Components56Moria, The Flaming Deeps
A Light in the Garden56Durin's Way, The Stone HallTharâkh Bazân
A New Gear56Chamber of Wheels, The Waterworks
A Relic of Ages Past56Moria, Silvertine Lodes, The Deep Descent
A Second Go of It56The Rotting Cellar, The Waterworks
A Shortage of Iron56The Flaming Deeps
A Stinging Blow56Zelem-melekArmour of Brutal Onslaught
A Thousand Campfires56The Flaming Deeps
An Empty Blade56Silvertine Lodes, The Forgotten TreasuryThe Deep Descent
Cradled in Flame56Moria, The Flaming Deeps
Dark Defilers56Moria, Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentThe Forgotten Treasury
Darkened by Mildew56The Rotting Cellar, The Waterworks
Death to the Puny Mine-dwellers56Moria, Zelem-melekDurub's Downfall
Depleted Crystals56Moria, Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentThe Forgotten Treasury
Descending56The Flaming Deeps
Down From the Mountains (Lothlórien)56Lothlórien, Nimrodel, Talan HaldirAthmadhul, Dru-garmadh, Nanduhiron, Uruk-gashan
Drawn to the Water56The Rotting Cellar, The Waterworks
Fighting Slime with Slime56The Rotting Cellar, The WaterworksThe Deep DescentBefuddling Cloak, Lizard's Leggings
Foreman of the Great Wheel56The WaterworksChamber of Wheels
Fungus and Acid56The Rotting Cellar, The WaterworksAnsurr's Sword, Heavy Shoulders of the Great Wheel
Gredbyg at the Doors56Redhorn Lodes, The Nursery
Gumming Up the Works56The Waterworks
In His Memory56Redhorn Lodes, MoriaDurin's Way, Durin's Threshhold, Nud-melek, Silvertine Lodes, The Flaming Deeps, The Foundations of Stone, The Waterworks, Zelem-melekShoulders of Drinking, Shoulder of Drinking, Kúli's Desire
Infernal Chittering56Moria, Redhorn LodesClaw Hollow
Instruments of the Enemy56Moria, Zelem-melek
Know Thine Enemy56Moria, Silvertine Lodes, The Deep Descent
Lines of Power56Moria, Zelem-melek
Little Revolution56Durin's Way, MoriaIón's First Helm, Ión's Helmet
Next of Kin56Redhorn Lodes, The Orc-WatchZelem-melek
Off to the Channel56Chamber of Wheels, The Waterworks
Preserving the Bridges56Moria, The Flaming Deeps
Readings from the Basin56Harazgund, The WaterworksThe Drowned Deep
Relics and Coins56Moria, Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentThe Forgotten Treasury
Reporting the Findings56Harazgund, The WaterworksThe Rotting Cellar
Riddles in the Doors56Moria, The Flaming DeepsBhraf-ru
Riddles in the Walls56Bhraf-ru, The Flaming DeepsAnazarmekhem, Chamber of Mazarbul, The Twenty-first Hall
Rusted Works56The Rotting Cellar, The WaterworksSilvertine Lodes
Silent Surprise56Zelem-melek
Skûm and Urauth56Moria, Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentThe Forgotten Treasury
Sowing the Seeds of Fear56Redhorn Lodes, The Orc-WatchClaw Hollow, The Chittering Hole
Spider-leg Prisms56The Rotting Cellar, The WaterworksPrism Ring, Thrand's Tough Shoulders
The Killing Blow56Redhorn Lodes, The Orc-watchTruce Breaker, Bane of Khîl and Ozût, Pauldrons of Brutal Onslaught
The Last of the White Hand56Redhorn Lodes, The Orc-WatchMenem-mezel, Redhorn Lodes, The Ore-HouseDwarven Shield of Battle, Ingifast's Ring
The Local Wildlife is Deadly56The Rotting Cellar, The WaterworksCreeping Crusher, Águti's Hat
The Scout's Report56Redhorn Lodes, The Orc-Watch
Toad-slime56The Rotting Cellar, The Waterworks
Two Problems, One Tool56The Waterworks
Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 1: Scouting the Approaches56Durin's Way, The Chamber of the Crossroads
Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 1: The Bottom of the Well56Durin's WayThe Chamber of the Crossroads, The Waterworks
Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 2: Bósi's Recommendation56Durin's Way, The Chamber of the Crossroads
Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 3: Runners in the Deeps56The Great Delving
Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 3: Scavenging for Weapons56Thorin's HallThe Chamber of Wisdom, The Great Delving, The Waterworks, Zelem-melek
Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 5: Into the Fire56Zelem-melekThe Flaming Deeps
Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 6: Bori's Suspicion56The WaterworksThe Chamber of the Pool, The Chamber of Memory, The Lost Palace, The Lost Treasury
Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 8: Bróin's Tale56Durin's Way
Worth Fighting?56The Flaming Deeps