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Lord of the Rings Online Light of the Rising Dawn

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NameLight of the Rising Dawn
Only for Class:Loremaster
Starts at NPCWiniel
Starts in Zones
Related MobsRuingal
  • Defeat Ruingal
  • Background'Your investigation has proven both fruitful and distressing. Apparently the dwarves of old were plagued by a fire-grim of no meagre stature, perhaps a servant of Durin's Bane. 'If this creature is allowed to linger here, it is entirely possible it will find aid from the other agents of the Enemy that have come to claim Moria. We cannot let that come to pass! 'Gather your friends, (your name). Head into the Forges of Khazad-dum, east into the Flaming Deeps, then south at the Crossroads of Ash. Once there, use this tome to summon the fire-grim Ruingal and defeat him.'
    DescriptionTIP: This is the final step of the Loremaster level 58 quest, and will require a fellowship.
    Map of The Waterworks Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Moria Click an Icon to Link


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