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Lord of the Rings Online Long-Horns

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  • Long-Horns
Starts at NPCGilmar
Starts in Zones
Related MobsAurochs Yearling
Coin Rewarded11s, 50c
Rewards Items
  • Find an Aurochs Yearling
  • Escort the Aurochs Home
  • BackgroundFarmer Gatson's farmhand, Gilmar, says that new blood is needed for the cattle herd. An aurochs-bull would do nicely, but the wild bulls are far too aggressive to drive to his pasture. Gilmar has asked you to obtain a yearling instead.
    DescriptionTIP: After finding the Yearling, an escort will start. You'll normally run into 3-4 orcs during the escort portion.
    Map of North Downs Click an Icon to Link


    Yearling Location <2008-07-02 03:50:29>
    malivorn11.2S 44.3W

    <2009-09-02 00:09:51>
    Largidget <Guest>After finding the Yearling an escort will start, normally you will run into 3-4 orcs, There is also another reward: Gilmar&#039;s Rune-Stone Rune-stone 30-40 fire damage 13.5 dps 2.6 speed +14 vitality +11 will +43 tactical critical rating Affinity - Fire Note: During the escort if the orcs dont hit the yearling it wont stop walking, so you either need to kill them fast or kill them while walking with the yearling.

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