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Lord of the Rings Online Loyalty's Proof

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NameLoyalty's Proof
Starts at NPCCalenglad
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Coin Rewarded19s, 60c
Rewards Items
  • Earn Astiul's trust
  • Earn Forchon's trust
  • Earned Naethmunn's trust
  • Return to Calenglad
  • BackgroundThe Rangers Astiul, Forchon, and Naethmunn are at the Ranger-camp on the island of Tinnudir, in Evendim. Calenglad has asked you to render your aid to three of his brethren. When they are satisfied that you are true of heart and do not harbour plans to plunder the tombs of the Dunedain, he will consider your errand again.
    DescriptionNOTE: You will need to do Astiul, Forchon and Naethmunn's series of quests in order to gain his trust. After doing their quests you can return to Calenglad to continue the series.
    Map of Evendim Click an Icon to Link


    Naethmunn portion of the Quest <2008-06-19 03:58:38>
    bshreevesBarad Rath is atop one of the tallest hills of Tyrn Fornech, northeast of Tinnudir and norht of Tham Ornen. You will find Jabe Grimshaw there, planning the activities of his robber-gang.

    Forchon's portion of the quest <2008-06-19 03:22:39>
    bshreevesGorthost is by a collapsed wall in Parth Aduial, north of Ost Heryn and the road that runs eastward toward the Fields of Fornost. I am still waiting for you to use the charcoal and parchment I gave you to make rubbings of the graves there.

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