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Lord of the Rings Online Master of the Risen

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NameMaster of the Risen
Starts at NPC
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded21s, 35c
Rewards Items
  • Defeat wights in Nan Tornaeth (0/10)
  • Defeat Gurdring
  • BackgroundThe gaunt-man Gurdring stalks the ruins in north-east Nan Tornaeth. Calenthon has asked you to defeat the gaunt-man that has allied with the Hillmen of Rhudaur.
    Map of Trollshaws Click an Icon to Link


    he is vrry strong <2007-12-20 20:22:34>
    curuorn <Guest>beware he hits high, got high morale. u need full group adn good healer. he killed me(lvl 37 guaridan) in just less then 10 sec, i was only left from the 3 ppl we had. his hits are above 100 and fast. GL a lvl 50 is recomended

    not that hard <2007-12-26 21:03:24>
    rock <Guest>done with a 4 fs (2 chmp, hunt & minst), between 39-45. Gurdring is 8k morale and has 2 adds.

    Not hard at all <2008-01-05 23:00:40>
    Anonymous <Guest>Completed with a 38 Champ, 40 Guard, 40 LM. He is a lvl 40 Elite, had 1 add, and was a little over 6k health. Some people exaggerate too much.

    definitely not hard <2008-01-08 21:23:49>
    Caitreth <Guest>Completed today with hunter 36 and captain 40. No problem. (Good gear though.)

    Watch power drain <2008-03-09 19:46:50>
    <Guest>He nuked my power pool for 9996 damage several times in the time we tried him. Keep your distance and watch out for the rather long ranged stun he has.

    relax <2008-04-11 04:42:01>
    <Guest>I did it as a 42 with a 40 Guardian. Kill the add first and keep an eye on your health. You'll be fine.

    <2008-04-23 22:02:18>
    <Guest>Im Burglar 3men Yellow Conj - done deal.

    Easy <2008-05-10 23:20:09>
    Frenwe <Guest>Its an easy quest, full fellowship is definately overrated. Only one elite and one add, so the normal rating would be small fellowship. I did this in daytime, so the hardest part for me was to find those 10 wights. Came back later alone to kil the last few, and soloed him on my lvl 41 burglar. Count have been really easy if I didnt only forgot to put on misschief. But still it wasnt that hard, only had to use some pots.

    <2008-05-28 15:45:05>
    Fishka <Guest>Soloed as 43th lvl Guardian (quest geared).

    <2008-06-01 12:11:55>
    Fael <Guest>Much easier in the daytime, only the 1 add, had several at night.

    Uhhh... <2008-06-23 20:24:51>
    Lamdori <Guest>I'm fairly certain the Helm of the North-star does not drop from this quest, heh. That's a rift barter item.

    Tougher than expected <2008-06-23 19:38:09>
    Pendraguil <Guest>I see that some people had no problem with this guy, but he took me (lvl43 CPT) and a lvl36 healer. We had almost beat him but not enought potions. would recommend a third- guard, champ or another CPT between 36 & 43.

    .. <2008-06-24 19:27:26>
    akayus <Guest>just killed him as a 40 Burglar and 41 Hunter. It was VERY close, but we pulled it off. Used up just about everything and we were both almost dead.

    easy solo at 46 <2008-07-09 23:08:59>
    deld <Guest>i killed him and his mobs at lvl 46 (champ)

    <2008-07-16 14:14:01>
    <Guest>42 champ and 42 LM, very easy win

    <2008-07-31 22:06:49>
    Elaclair <Guest>I managed to solo this as a 40 guard but took everything I had. Killed his add first then ran out of range and made sure every ability was reset. Strength of Morale, a couple pots and be sure interrupt him at the right time.

    Gurdring <2008-08-25 23:23:17>
    Kronze <Guest>43 Champ solo'd him during the day.He has 6.8k morale and 900+ power he has a long stun and he saps your power whilst he stuns you.Hope this helps.

    <2008-09-03 23:05:34>
    <Guest>easy to kill boss, fricken ridiculous too find all the other wights though. took like half an hour

    <2008-09-06 21:32:47>
    Cernunnas <Guest>3couldnt do it with a 39 hunter and a 39 lm, the guy has 3 adds, 1 is very close to him and will aggro, but the other 2 can get far from hin enough not to aggro when you pull. the bad thing is while wait for them to get far from him, the mobs you cleared will repop eventually, and will wipe you. the guy hits VERY hard, so i wouldnt suggest trying to do this unless you have a healer or lots of cc...

    <2008-11-24 01:05:52>
    <Guest>Soloed by a lv 41 LM. The elite is mezzable.

    <2009-05-24 21:24:59>
    Cure <Guest>solloed as lvl40 guardian on second try (first try on overpower i had to run) without add. I just stunned him all way long, used 1 pot and no oh sht skills.

    <2009-10-20 13:37:27>
    loremastah <Guest>soloed as lvl 38 lore-master.

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